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Won't log on after maintenance


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Same problem, dug into the logfiles from the launcher and found multiple "ERROR Failed to initialize BitRaider query mapping." ending in the following piece of log:


2017-02-14 18:23:19 ERROR Failed to initialize BitRaider query mapping.

2017-02-14 18:23:19 ERROR Timeout connecting to BitRaider.

2017-02-14 18:23:19 INFO Requesting BitRaider quit..

2017-02-14 18:23:19 INFO BitRaider_QuitBRWC::DoInvoke: Requesting BitRaider quit.

2017-02-14 18:23:19 INFO BitRaider Transitioning from Connect to Error

2017-02-14 18:23:19 ERROR Entering bitraider State Error

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