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[MASTER] Ch. 10 - Fight against Zaamsk & Faedral - no chance for Gunslingers / Sniper


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I have tried all specs but no chance. The Problem is, that I have only stuns and deffs for a short duration. I see no option without reflect or 1 min stun to pass this fight.


MS: Burst one down asap - Did not work, because they jump away


DF: Kite them down - Did not work, because they jump to you


Sabotage: Burst and Kite - Did not work becuase MS + DF problem and my aoe attacks break stun


Kaliyo is most helpfull in tank spec but not for long. And yes, I avoide aoe & damage as possible and use my interrupt.


Any further ideas, except changing class?

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found out the ahrd way on my marauder that those two are pains in the arse.


BEst I could do was with a 22 kaliyo set her to dps and focus burn one of them to death. once I died and respawned I went in and klilled the other.

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Ok, so the two hunters is the hardest thing I've faced so far in Master mode. I completed it using my Immortal Sith Juggernaut using a standard pvp build out of laziness and familiarity with it (pvp tacticals and high crit gear). I had Kaliyo on Healer spec and on passive for the whole fight.

I split the fight into four phases: the opener, the kiting, the re-engaging, the dis-engage.


Phase 1: The Opener


My goal here was to minimize damage taken and maximise damage output. Pick a target and stick to it - don't switch between the bosses.

I put Kaliyo on Guard. This wasn't strictly necessary as she wasn't having much damage done to her nor did she attract much aggro in the opener, being on Passive; she died in the opening sequence on most of my attempts if she was Active. So, it was more to protect her from AOE dmg.

I hit half my defensive abilities (Unity, Saber Ward and Invincible (to give me and my companion a good 10 secs of huge dmg mitigation)).

I did my usual spank-rotation on my target, with the slight difference being after leaping in, I hit Force Choke to stave off his massive damage on me. I could have cc'd the other guy using either Kaliyo's ability or backhanding him, but didn't. I think my defensive CDs had me covered for this phase.

The other NPC usually Jumps (disappears from combat) within a few seconds of me spanking the main target.


After going through my opening rotation, I Mad Dashed out of there, before the one-shotter Grey Round came from my main target. This took me into the next phase; the Kiting.


Phase 2: The Kiting

I ran in circles around the main arena. In the first 'jump' from the bosses, they spawn about 6 low-power adds. I eliminated those pretty easily, though this is critical otherwise it makes it impossible to be mindful of the main task in this phase; avoiding Line of Sight with either of the two bosses. Ideally at this point you want both bosses to be clustered beside one another. I popped my self-heal at this point as it's easier to do this than coordinate heals from Kaliyo (which involved having to target myself and hit CTRL + 3-6 and keep relatively still for her).

After the adds are cleared, I allowed Kaliyo to fully heal me by giving her direct commands to.

Once fully healed, I was mindful of my two main cc abilities - Force Choke and Backhand - and my engage and peel abilities - Force Jump and Mad Dash. I just kept running around in circles until they were all ready. Once they were, I moved into the Re-engage phase.


Phase 3: The Re-Engage


I force-jumped to the damaged boss, backhanded, spanked him with my rotation, then he would usually High Jump out of there. I then ran again, using mad dash to get away from the other boss. Now, I'd saved Choke for the second, undamaged boss, but didn't need this in the end because I managed to slightly separate the two bosses (through luck) slightly on the map in such a way they were still chasing me clockwise but far enough apart that I wasn't ganked by both.

If the other boss caught up, I'd Mad Dash away. In the interludes, I'd apply the Kiting phase heal mechanics of getting Kaliyo to fix me up. I'd stand on the corners of the squarish map centre, so that I could LoS the bosses if they re-appeared after their jump very close to me.


Rinse, repeat, until one boss is down. After that, the process is much easier. I'd still throw a word of caution to not get carried away and try to burst the remaining boss down in a mighty final effort; be patient and chip away at him, pull away, re-engage as you did before, until he dies a non-dramatic death.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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