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Understanding the Storyline: Old Republic Storyline 'History' video


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For new players and old players alike, you should check out this Star Wars Old Republic history video a fellow player has posted on Youtube:


Why Watch?

Bioware created an extremely rich story for us, but the core game (Starting as a Level 1 player) thrusts the player into a fully developed world that is tricky to understand without extensive playthough (in each class) because of its extremely complex history. Bioware unfolded the history of the world of SWTOR in several ways (as noted in the source material below), and video editor David Hammer, has streamlined all these elements for us in chronological order.


Source Material:

1.) Timeline text on the SWTOR website

(Source: http://www.swtor.com/holonet/galactic-history)

2.) A narration of some segments of the history by Master Gnost-Dural

(Source: http://www.swtor.com/holonet/galactic-history)

3.) In-game cinematic cut-scenes that play only at the very beginning of your selection of a class for a Level 1 character.

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