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Hackers, No Matchmaking, Nothing done about it. Bye Bye


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So you spent all your time learning your class, farming normal gear, farming ranked gear, min maxing that gear, all while paying the company a sub fee. every month.


AND FOR WHAT? To go in to SOLO where its essentially a lottery as opposed to skill?

Being faced against 4 sorcs? Ye very good well done, great job thumbs up!


Lost few hundred rating in past few days due to hackers waiting on acid while Bioware ignore the issue completely cause they could not give one single ****. Some people hacking queuing all day ruining it for everyone...


No one does grouped ranked or even tries to because they know they will get caught out :) unlike SOLO which is like playing BINGO.


For people that ignore this or reply with your stupid sarcastic replies, you have either not played arena in this game or you are one of the noobs im talking about who need to cheat, queue sync or play with cheaters to win a match against random pugs.


Everyone that has high rating has QUEUE SYNCED or CHEATED and that is just the sad reality and state of PVP in this game.


PVP in this game is a joke. No wonder serious players avoid it or left long ago.


All Bioware cares about is new cartel **** for people who love star wars to get sucked in to! My love of Star Wars is only reason iv made it this far.


They know this fine well and this is why they know they can get away with it.


PvP players were waiting on season 7 for like half a year with nothing! You know why? Cause after last expansion they discounted the lvl 60 boost so in that long period of "unexplained time" customers would go "Oh i better level and alt before new season" "Oh look its discounted ill start another lvl 60 alt and gear him up for new season" All while taking everyone's money.


Milking as much money as they possibly can and if you do not see that you are indeed an idiot.


Thanks bye

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Group will be rare unless you can grab the same rewards in yolo. And yolo is all about sync que, q-dodge, wintrade and luck of matchmaking and never can be balanced. Look for example at season 1 in group ranked - look at it, how many players cheated their rewards by wintrading in the last week of the season and get it - thats how about bw care. Edited by helpmewin
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Normally to threads like these, I just ask "Can I have your stuff?" but...


You're right. The degree of the lack of attention in pvp is so outrageous now, I've started leveling up pub side toons so that I can start raiding once again. I haven't done more than a couple ops since the early 2.0 era, because I love PvP so much...

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Hey OP idk which server you are on but let me give you a few tips.


Don't q on Ebon Hawk. That server is full of q syncrs, win traders, etc. They say most matches are pub v pub so can't sync but anyone that has done enough ranked knows that duo q'n is relatively easy most of the time. That is really popular this season and you'll see a lot of people doing it. You'll also see wintrading rather often. It sucks and could be largely solved with x-faction and x-server but good luck on that. Almost all of the well known q syncers now have their chars on ebon hawk.


Harb has hackers that q occasionally but just don't q when they are on or q dodge them. This is the first season I have q dodged and I have only done it to avoid the hackers. Q dodging is wrong in all other circumstances but when BW won't ban hackers I think it is fine if you are doing it to avoid them. I have 2 ranked chars this season on diff servers and so when I see the hackers I just switch to my other char. If I really want to q on my harb char I'll just make sure those hackers are in a match.


Harb does have some duo q'rs / win traders and a few of the highest rated players on the server did this a lot this season. However, harb definitely has the largest number of fair matches (well as fair as yolo can be :) ). Because of this I think Harb is definitely the best place to yolo. I usually have fun when I play on Harb because I will have at least a few very tight matches.


If you are on a losing streak then take a break. If you really want to keep playing then at least take a small break. On days where I am able to play for a few hours I like to do a set of pushups or jump squats after every 2-3 yolo matches. This gets my blood flowing and keeps me playing at my best. This is especially important during a losing streak.


Finally, after every loss AND every win think about what you could have done better. I'm not saying it was your fault it is just all of us can always improve. Some classes are very good at controlling the fight and some are very versatile. Could you have cc'd that one guy, could you have peeled for your healer while still pressuring your target, do you have focus target set up, are you playing a merc :) , did you attack the right target, did you time your dcds, perfectly, etc. Also, think about what you did perfectly. Keep doing that. Be honest with yourself. When I finally started doing this is when I finally started improving.


A lot of yolo'rs do cheat but a large number of gold rated players don't cheat. I don't even have a guild or voice chat and both of my chars for this season are gold. Now I agree that luck is a major factor, but you still can increase your odds.

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