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Level 60 Character Boost


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Hi all,


I have asked a couple questions lately but this should be my last one, for a while anyway.

Im on Chapter 3 with my trooper and once thats done i will have completed all 8 class stories.

I have already played the Hutt Cartel & Shadow of Revan with my Sith Warrior.


So i will still need to play a republic character for those before i start Knights of the Fallen Empire.

But i would like to do KOTFE with a new character on both factions.


If i buy a level 60 boost will those new characters be able to play Hutt Cartel & Shadow of Revan?

or will it be like they have completed them already?

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As far as I get it, the Start at Lvl60 token grants you a character to start KotFE directly. The story arcs before that (RotHC, SoR) count as completed so you cannot do them with the new toon.


I guess you will have to level a new toon, which should not pose much of a problem since leveling has become ridiculously fast (the other day I went from Lvl 20 to Lvl 29 with a new toon in five hours).

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