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There are various quests (particularly in SoR) that make use of microbinoculars (or seeker droids), but these binocs are only temporary and disappear when the quest is done.

A more permanent solution is to go to Makeb and get the Microbinocular (and seeker droid) quest series from a droid there (I can't recall exactly where, but it's about mid-way through the Makeb quest chain). Sometimes you still need to use the binoculars that come with a specific quest, and sometimes the binoculars don't work on some planets if you haven't gotten that far in the GSI microbinocular quest line.


For 'really' permanent microbinoculars, you need to complete the above mentioned GSI microbinocular quest line, but even if you just have the quest line, the microbinoculars will work in most places.


Note - you can drag the binoculars (and seeker droid) to a skill bar to make them easier to use.

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