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So do Jedi use rifles now?


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weapon restriction is silly for me, because if I master 1 class, doesn't mean i cannot hold and shoot with a different type of gun or weapon.


Modern mmos addressed that, by allowing any base class, progress with a different type of weapons and skills. Its a bit chaotic, but its very versatile, freedom... So they add skill depends the weapon u wish to hold...


Ravage with two sniper rifles?

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a jedi with a blaster in one hand and a lightsaber in the other would be far deadlier in my opinion, i can't blame this guy.


*performs saber throw..

Jedi: ."oh sh*%..."

Enemy. "Who the hell threw their blaster at me?...that hurt! Oh well, free blaster"

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obi wan kenobi likes to use a blaster every now then , just watch Ep.III :D

I would like to see a Jedi use Force pistol whip too ..


He says:

So uncivilized...

Which is a reference to A New Hope, where he claims anything less than a LS is uncivilized for him.


How does that translate into "liking"? He used one out of necessity, not enjoyment. ;)

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