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escrow packs


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I was wondering how escrow packs from the cartel market work and if there is a limit on how many I can use.

I am also wondering if I could technically keep buying and using the packs until I reach 50mil credits.


That's not how they work.


An escrow is a place where money is kept until the owner is allowed it. There is no credit limit on Subscribers, so an escrow is only applicable to those with a credit limit: F2P and Pref.


You're wasting money if you're buying escrow transfers as a subscriber.

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And to explain it: escrow means that someone else holds your money.


In game, if you have 5 million credits:


- If you are a subscriber your wallet shows 5 million credits and you could spend 4.5 million on a bantha mount if you wanted to, and you'd be left with 500k in the wallet.


- If you are preferred, you can only access 350k, the rest of the money is "in escrow", basically unavailable, and you need to use those escrow unlocks to transfer some of it into your wallet. Basically, you buy something worth 350k and your wallet reaches 0, then you unlock another 350k from escrow and your wallet gets full (350k) again. This limits your spending power to transactions of 350k at a time; you cannot buy a 4.5 million bantha mount.


- If you are F2P, the limit is 200k.


The unlocks do not add any credits to your account.


Only subscribers can post on the forums, so you are a subscriber, and your wallet has NO LIMIT and no escrow. The escrow packs do nothing for you right now. You could amass a fortune (50 million) then cancel your subscription (become "Preferred") and then your wallet gets locked down: you can use 350k as you wish, and 49.65 million is locked away in escrow, unavailable to you.

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