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  1. Nice - point B can also be backed up by data provided by the game, if need be
  2. I thought I'd missed that! I've been so confused. I was also confused by the dates and then I remembered they do it wrong on that side of the pond... Also would it kill you to use a 24-hour clock?
  3. Same for Theron - Bioware has an unfortunate tendency to kill of characters when they're no longer utterly critical to the story at hand rather than letting them, you know, live. Makes me worry what happens when the writers go shopping. Murder the chap on tills when they get their change?
  4. 2's?! Let's not get optimistic now, I'll be happy with a one. One large cup of tea and a nap when we find out that 3.0's been delayed until the new year.
  5. Sorry, I know a lot of IA players, so I kinda assumed it was general knowledge. Fixed.
  6. What did Charles Boyd write? I must admit I'm too lazy to trawl through the credits or, you know, attempt to google him.
  7. Charles? Boyd? I think he works with Hall Hood? I must admit, I haven't been paying attention for like... ten months, so the "team" could just be one dude. Still, even if were correct, it'd mean that there's really only like two women working in Austin, and both are on the social team, rather than development :/
  8. "Can we write something for the class stories that people will enjoy, given that the majority of the writing team is gone and we've only got two guys left?"
  9. Last I heard, Bruce Maclean was in charge of Austin, and the other Biowares (the real ones) are related in name and parentage only - they don't communicate with each other. So, you'd have to try to contact Bruce Maclean, or someone in EA who's involved with Austin.
  10. If it doesn't have significant and well-respected (not by players, I mean, but that the writers and developers treat it as an equal to OGR stuff, rather than a last minute addition, or a joke) SGRA content, then this can only vaguely be called a "Bioware" game. Hall Hood and Charles Boyd aren't Bioware writers. imo
  11. I'm not asking for Anna Karenina here, having the same as the OGRAs would be fine, but they can't even manage that. Perhaps I should offer my services as a writer? Can't be any worse than who they've got now.
  12. Ooooh, will she be a scientist? An astrophysicist? An astro-biologist?! I don't even know why I'm asking, the only single-player games I play are on the 3DS. I just really like Pokemon. And I wanna romance Vector ._.
  13. ! (Yes, that is some dude-man, but whatevs. The real Commander Shepard is too busy saving the universe to feature in this video.)
  14. Why feed trolls when we could annoy Musco instead? Why feed trolls when we could elaborate on how easy it is for Bioware to write SGRA with the existing companions? I mean, the only possible problem is translating Corso's condescending casual misogyny into something applicable to a male PC, and considering that his entire personality is the reason why I didn't romance Corso with my incredibly straight, sexually active, people loving Smuggler, I'm not exactly the right person for that job. Although I'm sure a ball gag would suffice. Kaliyo's already bi in the canon, so her SGRA shouldn't even be a "thing" by terms of "waaah, that won't suit the character, waaah" - but let's not forget there's, like, one companion who goes on about this lady-loving ways. One of the insufferable Jedi's insufferable companions. Is it the Consular one, Doc? That dude. Pierce would probably be completely up for a one-night stand, because he strikes me as a guy who has fun with willing participants, regardless of their gender or sex. He's a low-class Imperial, as well, so his racism might be a light, but it doesn't matter as you're the Wrath. Jaesa... eh, that entire "break her, remake her personality and then **** her" doesn't sit well with me. Vette you can only romance if you take off her Shock Collar, which makes it less skeevy than Jaesa's line, and she'd probably like the Wrath if She were nice. Quinn makes remarks in the post-romance letters about the Wrath perhaps needing a period of confinement were She to get pregnant, but that's in-keeping with his personality of having all the information and facts, and the letters could be easily changed - possibly to reference the necessities both scientifically or more traditionally - to reflect a male Wrath. I'm just saying, there's nothing that specifically marks any of the companions as being "straight only straight all the way straighty straight straight", and they already universally ignore the PC's personality. There is no atrocity you can commit that will make a companion go "Eh, maybe not??", so any attempt at arguing that they aren't "playersexual" is nonsense.
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