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Where are these?


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Is it safe to assume that every decoration from now on will be from the cartel market ? Bottom ones included.

edit: it seems i forgot to mark the yellow stalks that are originally seen on Belsavis. Unlike the red ones on Oricon.



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Not to open new topic, where are those class signs? I really need trooper and jedi one.


Edit: They said they're looking into it.


Hey folks!


Someone messaged me about this thread, so I looked into it for you. These signs DO come from Class Achievements, however they are currently not hooked up (which is why you don't have them unlocked yet). We are going to get that fixed, but I currently don't know which update it will be in.


Sorry for the confusion!




If I had to take a guess, I'd probably say they're coming in 2.10.

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You can bet that we'll be getting new decorations from new flashpoints and ops implemented in the game.

And if there's a new planet (or more) there will most likely be new drops for those too.


But yeah, the vast majority will come from the cartel market, just like most weapons/armour/mounts/emotes/whatnots are now.

And it makes sense since the CM is what's keeping the game afloat.


But do you have to buy it from the cartel market?


You can buy it off the GTN from some other poor sucker who paid real money for it.

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