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Survivability VS Damage Build


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Cookie Cutter Pvp build for Burst Damage



Concealment/Medicine Build for Damage/Survivability/Self healing by Obsivus


Which of these 2 look better in a warzone pvp situation? I have not yet the chance to test out both out to their full potention (level 32) so I was wondering if someone could test them out.

Or if you already have expierience with a similer build, please feel free to share advice.

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The healing you'd get from that build is meh, and there's no med engi for TA generation so the dps is lame. You're also not going to be a tank, it's a small edge, not a survival god.


That deep in conc you should also have tac op. The once every 10second TA is good, the once every 10sec piss weak damage for 2 points is not.

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