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Fail Raid - An Alternative Source for End Game Raiding Guides


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Hey all,


I started working on Fail Raid for my guild when Nightmare Dread Fortress was on the PTS. Initially I was just using it as a place to gather information I had collected from reading notes, watching videos, etc. since information was scarce.


I have since realized that the depth of information regarding end game content is rather limited, oftentimes guides are brief and are merely checklists of what to do, glossing over mechanics and what they'll entail. If you've ever read a operation guide and were left with more questions than answers, then perhaps Fail Raid is an alternative worth looking into.


[LINK] Fail Raid - An Alternative Source for End Game Raiding Guides


What Fail Raid is set up to do is to establish the mechanics of a boss fight in as great of detail as possible and then to provide you with a/the strategy for being successful at the encounter. I have no ambitions to turn this into the number one source for raid guides by any means, but I figure I can compile the information so that it's out there for the players that deem the extra information invaluable.


Because this is not a job and I have a life outside of the game, I will unfortunately not be releasing these guides at any pace comparable to the great alternatives out there. For those looking to break the limits of progression and be a top guild, obviously you neither need the information nor can you rely on these guides to be prompt. But for those dipping their feet into progression, or those looking to improve raid performance, I have currently four solid guides for Nightmare Dread Fortress (8m, I don't deal in 16 mans) which I will probably be tinkering with for weeks to come. I have begun the arduous tanks of working on the Brontes guide which, admittedly, may take a while as I have yet killed it myself.


Quick Links: Nightmare Dread Fortress (8m)

____1. Nefra, Who Bars the Way

____2. Gate Commander Draxus

____3. Grob'Thok, Who Feeds the Forge

____4. Corruptor Zero

____5. Dread Master Brontes WIP


I use some images and would like to use more (as one can tell from the numerous placeholder images for bosses and other enemies). I also don't currently utilize videos because my computer is a glorified potato and there are already plenty of great videos/streams that can serve the same function.


Right now, feedback is welcome, tips, questions, etc. I know the website is far from perfect but I thought if it could help even one guild have some success then it's worth putting myself out there and letting people see it. Thanks and happy raiding!


- Stippling

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Fortress NM is not Endgame anymore. Guides are outdated very fast. Many ppl will still favourize Dulfy for its the most up to date raiding guide site.


Nevertheless good work, good explanation and nice work of describing talents in detail. Keep it up and get it more up to date and you might replace Dulfy.

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