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<New OutRiders> Guild Recruitment Information (Updated!)


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Note: Old Post! New post here by our Recruitment Officer & Active Officer Windemere: link





New OutRiders (NOR)

Website: www.NewOutRiders.org


<New OutRiders> & <NewOutRiders>


Server: The Ebon Hawk

Faction: Both! Republic & Empire

RP: Mid

PVP: Mid

PvE : High - Progression and Lower Tier Operations weekly on both sides

Raiding: Weekly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Night Raiding/Operations 9est-11:30est

Conquest: Yes, scheduled events, both guilds can compete for the top ten

Guild XP Bonus: +10%

Guild Size: Medium


Welcome SWTOR Players!


Our guild is a Casual, Mature Family-Friendly Guild that's has been together since 1992 which was founded in the game The Shadow of Yserbius on the ImagiNation network.


"To have fun and help others do the same" and we are looking for more friendly mature members that enjoy the many aspects of the game. The friends you make here in the NOR branch of SWTOR will be with you as you explore future games. Even though we have a lot of casual player we also have many players dedicated to progress through the new harder Operations that The Old Republic throws at us. We run lower tier Operations Weekly for our newer raiders and Progression Raids Weekly for those that take things more seriously!


NOR is active in several games making your casual play a easy transition between SWTOR, ESO, EverQuest 2, Guild Wars 2, Dungeons&Dragons Online, Rift, ArcheAge, Neverwinter and many more games to come.


We encourage Altoholics so bring all your alts on over. We are recruiting both Republic & Empire factions taking full advantage of the Legacy system!


It is important to us to keep the guild active together so we do host weekly and monthly events and encourage our passionate members to host additional events.


Current Regular Scheduled Events:

  • [WEEKLY] Monday Nights at 9est, Ground & Space PvP
  • [WEEKLY] Tuesday Night 9est-11:30 we run a Republic Progression Operation group.
  • [WEEKLY] Wednesday Night 9est-11:30 we run a Sith/Empire StoryMode Operations.
  • [WEEKLY] Thursday Night 9est-11:30 we run a Republic 8/16 player StoryMode Operation group.
  • [WEEKLY] Saturday Night 9:est-11:30 we run a Sith Progression Operation group.
  • We are also a part of a Raid Alliance giving our members even more opportunities to experience EndGame.
  • We have several PvPers looking for expanding our Ranked PvP Teams both Pub & Empire!
  • We are also working on RP Events!


Current Officers:

  • Branch Leader Zyera
  • Officer Intisar
  • Officer Valikk
  • Officer RTninefourfive
  • Officer Windemere
  • Officer Galaxiya


Contact our Officers:

  • Ingame /whisper or mail Evara/Zyera(Rep), Zyana/Lunatta(Sith) or any of our Officers.
  • On the forums here or on our website.
  • Join our public chat channel "/cjoin nor"
  • See who is online,

    • Pub side: type "/who new" then hit the magnifying glass, then sort by guild.
      Sith side: type "/who newoutriders" then hit the magnifying glass, then sort by guild.



If you wish to join or learn more about our guild please:



Thank You and have a great gaming day!


(new recruitment post- old officer is not a subscriber and could not edit it)

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I am brand new to the Guild and I am a Sith dominant player. This Guild is very committed to it's members, very organized, approachable, great teams to run with and always willing to help. I took over a year off from this game and when I came back, this guild got me caught up with the end game content. We have not started a progression raid team on the Sith side, but we are within arms reach of doing this and I already know we will be successful. The Republic side has a very successful progression raid team.
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We have made it over the 50 million for the Republic side guild bank for the Guild Flagships and over halfway there on the Empire side! We will most likely have both ships on launch day! Very excited to see this new content with all of my guildies.


We are always recruiting new and experienced players! Send in an app or ingame mail to Evara or Zyera (Republic) or Rosefall or Zyana (Empire) for any questions you may have- I'd be happy to answer them!


Happy gaming!

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We were able to get two guild ships on day one and working on decking out the ships! Along with more donations they are fully stocked with all utilities and ready for battle & for the guild.


Guild Meeting tonight at 8 EST!

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The New Outriders host a monthly newsletter. Below is the text of the SWTOR Branch portion of the August newsletter. Also attached is a link to the full newsletter. The New Outriders is a multi-game guild so the link will show the news from the other Branches within the Guild and some pics. Enjoy! Seek out any officer for additional information if you are interested in joining:




There have been many exciting things that have occurred since our last newsletter. First off, Countess Zyera was promoted to Duchess and has taken her rightful place as the leader of our glorious Branch! Other well deserved promotions include Vassliss, Brienna, and Kaurix promoted to Squires! For service to the Branch and continued contributions, Kimberly and Amp were promoted to Knight! All these promotions were well deserved!


We also have had a huge influx of new recruits on both sides. We look forward to many future promotions and future leaders of the SWTOR:NOR Branch!


To continue the development of the raid groups, Duchess Zyera expanded the DMG with the valued addition of Knights Amp, Kimberly and Windemere! All of them are avid raiders and bring great experience to the DMG group. We encourage you to seek the DMG members out for knowledge and guidance! As a reminder they are: DM Valikk and DMG members Zyera, Alystri, Intisar, Kimberly, Amp, and Windemere.


The Branch continues to host an active raid schedule. Please remember to sign up so the raid leaders can plan accordingly. The schedule is as follows and all raids start at 9:00 pm est:


Tues: Republic Progression

Wed: Sith Story Mode

Thurs: Republic Story Mode

Sunday: Sith Pre-Progression


We want to remind everyone that these are the scheduled nights, but we have been running pickup raids regularly. Normally, the pick up raids have been occurring at the regular 9:00 p.m. est time. But if there are a large amount of members online, it is not uncommon for someone to ask about an adhoc raid! Come join us! Especially, with new Strongholds! Raids drop exclusive Stronghold decorations!


With that being said, Strongholds have been released. We now have two Guild Ships, one for each side. We want to thank everyone who generously donated to the Branch to make it possible. Coming up with $100,000,000 credits in just over a month was an incredible feat! Now we just need to name them. Stand by on the announcement as to how we are going to do that.


With the new content and Guild Ships, which allow us to compete with other Guilds for the conquest of planets, we encourage all members to work together in order to show the Ebon Hawk that NOR is a Branch to be reckoned with. We are still figuring out how the conquests work and the best direction to take the guild. Additional guidance will follow in the near future!


Finally, to celebrate our great accomplishment, Duchess Zyera has called a Branch meeting on August 24, 2014 at 8:00 pm est. It will be on our Republic Flagship! Be sure to come, the officers will be giving prizes to some lucky members who helped contribute to the ships!


As the Branch moves into this new and exciting phase, we invite everyone to keep contributing in whatever ways you can. The NOR Spirit is flourishing here, and we hope that together we all can continue to pull together and take the Branch to new heights. Good luck in your gaming adventures and we hope to see you in game! May the Force be with You!


Baron Alystri



***link to full newletter: http://www.sciscoedesigns.com/NOR/newsletter/2014aug.html

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Hail All! We are always recruiting new and experienced members for our branch here in SWTOR!


Note: Our website is getting some maintenance, and might look a little funky here and there. It will be finished soon! :)


Happy Conquesting!

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We are currently 3/5 HM DF, 4/5 HM DP, and 1/5 NiM DF on the republic side. We're getting closer on Corrupter Zero so I'm confident we'll be breaking through that soon. :cool: The first three on each side are pretty close to being on farm in HM, but Raptus still tends to give us headaches in DP. I'm not quite sure what the imperial side progression has cleared since I haven't been a part of the team there, but it's getting more momentum and I expect them to be right there with the republic side soon.


Thanks for checking us out, you're always free to apply and come hang out to have any further questions answered.

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