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The Smuggler's Cant (code language)


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Ahhh, the Beer and Pie references. Reminds me of the Smuggler's Code from SWG:


Water is a lie, there is only beer

Through beer, I gain goggles

Through goggles, I gan women

Through beer goggled women, I gain nightmares

The soap shall set me free



Heres another:



Luck is my shepherd; never tell me the odds. It maketh me to lie down in bed with good looking Senators. It leads me to Lucky Breaks. Beer restores my soul. It leadeth me in the paths of drunkeness for it's name's sake.

Yea, though I fly through the center of the Death Star, I will fear no evil: for Nien Nunb is with me; his googly eyes and flappy jowels, they comfort me.

I crafted the gaming table before me in the presence of my Wookiee. I annoint my belly with pies, my beer overflows.

Surely gambling debts and bounty hunters shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of Han for ever.

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I've just started playing, and this thread is what sold me on a Smuggler for my first character. It's enormous fun to mix in bits of cant. You might even say that I deal the cards for fuel...


I've said "Let me deal you in" when I need to explain what I'm saying in cant to a friend; is that an acceptable usage? :)

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