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PvP Sauvage


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Le PvP Sauvage est il développé à ce jeu?


Si oui ou se passe les fights ?

Y a t il un mode de récompense ou de points en tuant du monde ?

Ou peut on tuer les ennemis de l'empire ?




Hello jeanphiaca,


First of all, these are the "English" forums and not the "French" forums.


My French isn't that good, but I get the idea that you are asking about "open world PvP" and if there are any rewards/incentives to do so.


The answer is "yes" there is open world PvP, it is however very limited and its existence varies from server to server (more actively happening on some, less so on others). As for rewards/incentives, the answer to that is "no": only the battlegrounds/arenas reward you for doing PvP.


Hope you understood what I wrote.


Have fun out there. :)

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There are no designated PvP Areas, no missions or quests and no rewards for World PvP.


The only existing open world pvp is based on random encounters on PvP servers, and even there it's somewhat rare since BW went out of their way to ensure the factions wouldn't clash together to any serious extent.


And well, sure we actually have The Outlaws Den and Ilum that in fact are flagged as PvP areas - but those are both abandoned since there is no incentive at all to actually go there. Ilum has the occasional gankfest when the Gree Event is running.

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