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Weekly Progress is FULL


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What works is


1) Find an alt that needs 72 gear.

2) Buy 72 gear for the alt.

3) Buy a corresponding LEGACY armor piece.

4) Transfer the mods from the 72 gear into the LEGACY armor piece.

5) Send the LEGACY armor piece to said alt.

6) Profit.


When I mean LEGACY armor piece, I mean an armor that specifically has "BOUND to LEGACY" in it's description. If you subbed before the whole GSF thing, you should have 4 different sets you can use (the GSF Fighter Pilots stuff).

If not, the Gree on Ilum has multiple sets (reputation required). Oricon does as well, but also reputation required. Coruscant/Dromund Kaas both have sets, but require legacy levels.

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Hey guys, little help me...

My Elite Gear Commendations (Weekly Progress) is full,but as you would use? Have to transfer? It transfers alone?

I still do not understand how to properly use this option.


It's hard to say (I'm guessing English isn't your native tongue), but I think what you're saying is you hit the weekly cap. You're not complaining about hitting the cap in general, however, so I'm going to guess that you know how to purchase items using Elite comms.


Hitting the weekly cap means you should save any activities that would reward more elite comms for next week. There is not really any way around this other than waiting until Tuesday morning.

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