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Off Tank Problems


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So as a Shadow tank who mostly is a off tank during our progression runs,with the main being a guardian tank.


I find that i pull aggro at the very start of the fights even though i start after the DPS has started pumping out the DMG, some examaples are in TC on the golden chicken and some of the solo bosses is TFB and S&V.


I use vanish pretty much as soon as the boss turns round to look at me,before the guardian complains,pretty much all fights he's like give me a few to build aggro which I do.

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I find that i pull aggro at the very start of the fights even though i start after the DPS has started pumping out the DMG


Tell your Guardian to get better at threat. No tank has *any* reason to get threat yanked off of them, even by another tank. Shadows still have the best threat, but it's nowhere *near* enough to guarantee the yanking of threat unless your Guardian friend just doesn't know how to generate said threat. Tank threat is, right now, pretty much the *only* well balanced thing about tanks.

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Cheers for the comments guys.


The main problem I have is that he doesn't take criticism well,and when you try to talk to him about it it can get really awkward trying to tell him some things.


When I go in I start with FB,ST,MT then DS till proc for project comes on,the rinse repeat. (MT on grps not solo), I use single taunt as it comes off cd as i need to during moving phases in fights.


I have found that another member in my raiding grp seems to pull aggro of hims aswell shadow DPS,and he always puts guard on him to try and stop this,but when I'm grpd with said DPS in HM FP i hardly use guard unless some one asks,I dnt lose threat that often.


I have a guardian coming up at the moment only 43 right now, to replace my shadow as off tank :(


When i did a raid the other night got a chance to go on my commando for a change who is in a mix of 66/69 gear at the time,and when i pulled again he said I used MT,Cyclone slash and sweep he done his job,not my fault you pulled aggro. Using AoE at the time after the 4 in S&V

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So when I do end up OT with on a single tank fight, I ease up on the threat as much as possible. Force breach and slow time are good openers because of the damage mitigation debuffs, but after that, I advise toning back on the threat for the first 10-15 second to let the tank generate more threat. I will toss in a few saber strikes to make sure I'm not very far up on the threat meters. After the first run of attacks, I drop into my normal rotation. Keep in mind, on single tank fights, OT is more of a low dps who is around in case of emergency.
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I'll reitorate that no main-tank should be losing threat to an off-tank. I'll be thorough though and ask how your gear stacks up and whether you're using any DPS stuff?


Head:- 30/30/28 Augment 28


Chest:- 31/31/31 Augment 28


Hands:- 30/30/28 Augment 28


Belt:- 30/30 Augment 28


Legs:- 30/30/28 Augment 28


Feet:- 30/30/28 Augment 28


Wrist:- 30/30 Augment 28


Main Hand:- 30/30/30 Augment 28

Offhand:- 30/30/30 Augment 28


Health 32351

Health 33766 buff

Health 35399 buff and stim


Damage Reduction 32.91%

Defense Chance 22.07%

Shield Chance 35.60%

Absorb 43.81%


will post wht they are exactly when i get them :p


My gear all tanking stuff with no DPS peices at all,all augemnts but one are absorb, cud be a lil out o date since i just got the two piece set bonus for KW buff.


He uses all def stuff

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It's main tank issue not you I think. I consistently rip aggro from beginner tanks regardless of gear on my shadow, and how I have my guardian at L55 and ***'s the same. I Did S&V GF run yesterday and other tank was in 69's with way better stats then me while I was in 61's with 58 offhand and some other crap gear (blue implants, no relics and such) and I was pulling aggro all the time to the point he was shouting I'm taunting of him (I didn't) and I am nowhere near perfect on my rotation on my guardian as I keep running out of focus and making mistakes still.. It seems to me L2P issue if this happens consistently. Although shadow snap threat is slightly better and in our runs when I'm on my shadow main I always go first and tell DPS to pop everythig right from the start as I know they won't pull or if they pull I can taunt in split second. When guardian takes over later there is no problem. If you are better at producing threat there is no reason why you should be pulling second, and there is no proper off-tank role for most fight in this game. There are a few one tank fights simply where you can just switch to DPS stance or even DPS gear and build t help DPSing (Dash comes to mind).
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I play Shadow/Sin and my CT plays Guardian/Jugg. If we both just open up at the beginning of the fight, I will almost always catch threat. It's not that he sucks, I just tend to get a good burst and get ahead of him. If I wait a second or two or catch some lag, then I won't catch him. Based off what *YOU'RE* describing, you are pulling off of him well into the fight (as are some of the DPS), in which case, he is hurtin for certain and needs some helpz.


Some fixes would be to have him let YOU start the pulls, taunt yer arse off and run up the threat threshold then he can just taunt it off of you, then vanish. If you pull threat off him after that then he needs to unsub.

My current CT and I have been together for so damn long (well over a year) that cross taunting to jack threat is almost instinctual now.

Pug tanks get caught off by this since it's such a habit. "Why do you keep taunting off me?"


Worst case scenario...You can get your MT to guard you for about 5-10 seconds then have him switch it to whomever. Kind of extreme, but it would work. (We actually would do that in my old guild back in the day when Karragga was current content. I would just DPS in tank stance with guard in case the MT went down [he sucked though])


The most *FUN* scenario for fixing this (for us anyway) would be to just say...

"Hey {insert name}, I was on the forums yesterday and saw this GREAT post! They were talking about YOU!"

Then link him this thread :D

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