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BIOWARE: Suggestion - Field Respec Options


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In order to avoid another debate rooted purely in verbiage, many of us would like to propose the following:


With Field Respec, please allow us to physically SAVE 2 or more respec configurations. We would like to save our current UI button placement, skill tree, and gear we are wearing. Then, with the click of a button, we would like to load ANOTHER pre-saved Field Respec with UI button placement, skill tree, and gear we should be wearing to meet the needs of the new spec.


The purpose of the request is to allow 2 (or more) unique forms of speccing to be saved client-side and allow us a 5 second option to use Field Respec instead of a 5 minute option. As it stands, when you respec now, you have to redo your skill trees, redo your action bars, and change the gear you are wearing. A TRUE field respec would let us save multiple configurations so while NOT IN COMBAT, we can change from PVE Tank to PVP DPS, or any combination we choose based on our play style.


There would be NO class changing, NO advanced class changing, and NO way to change specs during combat. Other MMOs have given the ability to save pre-configured spec setups. It is high time we were afforded the same opportunity.


The ONLY thing this would do is save us the 3-5 minutes of setting everything back up after a field respec. The field respec would do it for us and allow us to move forward in a few seconds rather than a few minutes.


This option is wanted by many people, myself included, and is in no way an abuse of game play, NOR is it detrimental to the game play of others. If we just had an option to SAVE our respec(s), others could still do it the manual way OR they could someday see the benefit of stored configurations.


Thank you. :)

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We dont speak blue.


If you want people to read what you write, annoying text color probably isnt the way to go about it.

You're only reason for responding to the thread was to ridicule my choice in font color? I can see why people take you seriously and seek your counsel. :rolleyes:

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