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A few comments and suggestions


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This thread is a compilation of my thoughts and suggestions on things that I feel would make this game better.


1. Allow players to purchase more character slots, up to 16. This will allow us to experience every advanced class available. It will also allow players who already have 12 full slots to make new races, when you release them, without deleting our hard work. *edit * (Nevermind, this is working fine.)


2. For new cartel packs, please upgrade the materials you give us to something relevant. This grade 6 stuff we're getting is mostly useless, at this point. I don't care if we get green materials, just stop giving me items I absolutely have no use for anymore.


3. For those of us players who are supporting you, by buying cartel packs, it would be quite nice to be able to do something with all the excess reputation items we have laying about. Maybe provide a turn-in which will allow us to trade them for Cartel Market Certificates at a reasonable rate. Say 10 Banned Holovids -1 certificate, 5 Prohibited Medical Supplies - 1 Certificate, and 1 to 1, or 2 to 1, for Confiscated Artwork. You should, of course, require max faction to do this.


4. Instead of having all the items from Cartel Packs bound for 36 hours, could you have them bound to legacy? It would sure be nice to send new items to the characters where I want them, instead of having to hold onto them for two days.


5. Make Grey Helix components Bound to Legacy

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Additional suggestion:


You should allow any of your characters on the same server to have their names auto-filled in mail, even those of the opposite alignment. (This would eliminate accidentally sending something to someone else's character .)

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