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Highest Assault Hib crit in 55 pvp


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Just want to know what numbers other players are seeing, I was getting rare 8k crits in sub 55 using ewh gear

But in 55 full partisan eliminator set i can barely break 5k highest sofar is around 5.2k hoping it gets better after min maxing.


Please post your highest Hib crit in 55 pvp and the gear you are using partisan/ conquer.

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Yeah but was that pre or post 2.0?


Post 2.0 @55 WZ without any Bolster Augment or PvE-Armor buguse.



Nice lol I kind of died a little.. do you crit that high often? what set are you using ewh,partisan/conquer or pve gear



Its was only 1 time and i think it was a bug, else HiB hits @ 5,5-7,5K max. with Proc-Luck and Adrenal @Conc/Parti-Combi!

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Guardian armor debuffs plus Sentinals Inspiration can net you some pretty big hits. I have now switched to tank so I have not seen how hard my HiB hits in 2.0, but pre 2.0 I was getting 6k hits no problem... and getting 7k hits rarely.


This was my biggest pre 2.0



I am pretty sure that in 2.0 HiB can be hitting for 9-10k if all stars are aligned.

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Here is one I got recently. 7.7K. I'm regularly getting a few 7K hits per WZ but most of the time they are in the 6-6.5K range.




I have had a few over 8K...but I'm sure it was proc luck and hitting fresh 55, stars aligning...etc etc..


I regularly get smashed for 8+K if and I'm full partisan, max exp with 4 peices of Conq. Gear....it's a travesty, but I still put out a decent amount of damage as shown in the screenshot.


Shinigami - Harbinger

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