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Hello there, I've been playing for a few weeks now and I made it to level 24 with a Sith Warrior on The Shadowlands, very fun, while I'm not that far into leveling yet I've been thinking about re-rolling.


I like role-playing but I do also like PvP, after finding out that I cannot transfer on this game I was wondering what do people recommend? is the RP happening on PvP servers? or should I just stick with a RP one like The Ebon Hawk.


In very invested into the Star Wars Lore so I figured I might give RP a try.


Thanks! :3

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While there may be some players/guilds that RP on pve/pvp servers, you're more likely to find like minded role-players on RP servers. Granted most of the RP happens within guilds but every now and again some breaks out in general chat. You could try and ask in the Shadowlands server forums here if there are any RP guilds before you think about re-rolling, as an option.


If you really want to mix RP with some open world pvp, I suggest checking out Jung Ma, the one and only RP-PVP server.

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