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OK. I've never really been one to look at stats and what has been increased by new armor or not etc. However I have recently started playing Operations and Hard Flash Points but I'm finding that players are booting me because my damage states or something else are very low. How do I correct this?

I've looked at my characters stats and they are just numbers to me. Can someone offer some advise for me please.

I've listed the stats below excluding the PVP stats.



Strength: 124

Presence: 396

Aim: 60

Cunning: 61

Endurance: 2001

Willpower: 1637

Expertise: 92



Damage: 480 - 675

Bonus Damage: 89.3

Accuracy: 91.44%

Critical Chance: 13.97%

Critical Multiplier: 57.16%



Health: 24307

Armor Rating: 2467

Damage Reduction: 14.98%

Defense Chance: 13.64%



Bonus Damage: 732.9

Bonus Healing: 528.2

Accuracy: 104.44%

Critical Chance: 18.40%

Force Regen Rate: 8.2

Alacrity: 2.26%

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As a DPS Sage the one stat you should be focused on is Willpower. That is your main stat, and it is pretty low. You should strongly consider using your Classic and Basic commendations immediately to buy new gear. Your willlpower should be at least around the 2200 range before going into the current story mode operation, at a minimum. Stats you should stay far away from are defense, shield, and absorb. If you have a choice between more willpower and more endurance, always go for more willpower.


As for the sub-categories, you should be focused on your Force stats (instead of melee or defense). Optimally, you want to focus on getting your force accuracy to 110% so that none of your casts miss the bosses. Early on, your accuracy will be lower as you transition from your current gear plus classic gear to the new tiers of endgame gear. For the other DPS stats (power, crit, surge, alacrity) just make sure to have a good distribution between all of them, at least for your beginning gear. As you progress as a new raider and grow more comfortable with min/maxing you can play around with optimizing these other stats.


Long story short, you absolutely need new gear, and you should get it very quickly between classic and basic comms. Good luck, and welcome to SWTOR raiding!!

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Do daily quests on Makeb. They grant you Planetary Commendations which you can spend on mods to upgrade your gear :) I'm 54,5 atm but my Sage is steadily improving that way. Still need to get upgraded mods and enhancements, but already I'm up to 1680 endurance and 1756 willpower.
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A couple of things. First, the fact that you have expertise means you have pvp gear on. Pvp gear gimps you in pve as that expertise takes up other useful stats you would have in pve gear. Replace this first.


A lot of people are in love with getting force accuracy to 110%. Forget about that for awhile.


Some of your stat focus will depend on your talent build. Are you a Telekinetics focused dps, balance focused, or a hybrid? Personally I'm mostly telekinetics so I would say aim for 25-30% crit, 75% crit multiplier (from surge), 2500 willpower and 1000 power.


You won't be close to these numbers right away, but first you might set your sights on 2000 willpower, 25% crit, 70% crit multiplier, and 850-950 power.


Try to aquire black hole (bh) and dread guard (dg) gear in 3 ways. Run sm ev and kp and ec via the groupfinder (or your guild if you're in one). Second, run level 50 fp's...BOTH story mode and hard mode. They both drop bh gear. The above also gives you classic and basic comms. classic comms will give you the ability to BUY bh gear on the fleet vendor. Basic comms will give you the ability to buy BETTER then bh gear on a fleet vendor.


You should also be running dailies like section x and black hole dailies for coms.


The absolute fastest way to get this type of gear is to have a guild who can take you through a 16 man kp or ev hardmode. In 2 runs you should be fully geared or close to it (can use the comms to fill in the gaps).


Hope this helps!



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I'll save you some trouble; do not stack crit AT ALL. It has already been proven that stacking crit for any dps spec for sages makes you lose dps in the long run. Focus on stacking willpower, power, acc to 108%, and for surge and alac. you just have to find the right balance.
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