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Make Vanity Cartel Market items Legacy Bound


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As the title says, in my opinion BioWare should make all vanity cartel market items legacy bound so that we can send those items to our alts. As an example, you have Revan's mask on your main and want to send it to your alt so that he can wear it. You can do so if the mask is still BoE, but if it is already bound to your character, you can not. I suggest that BioWare changes that, so that upon equpping, the item becomes legacy bound instead of bound only to the said character.


If you approve of this, please sign simply by typing /approve in your post. Lets hope BioWare sees this and take this thread into consideration.

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I think this is a good idea but i doubt it would be implemented because revans mask, nihlus mask and other vanity items get bioware alot of money from people buying the packs.

and lets face it with f2p here even with us subbers putting money forward its not enough to maintain the game.

Perhaps a system where you pay to have the item bound to upgrade to legacy quality could help?

I'd pay to upgrade the item.

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