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HK's DPS vs Regular Companions


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i noticed when i bought HK for the first time on a lowbie alt i took off all his gear/weps and just looked at RAW stats his cunning was much higher then AIM could it be hes main stat should be cunning over aim since he does tech damage abilitys and only 1-2 from the sniperrifle?
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A few comments about your test:


1- As was already stated, HK-51 does use some non-damaging abilities, where Ashara doesn't. That means there's a gap of a several seconds where she keeps DpS and HK looses his. That's fine if you are comparing overall usefullness, but not if you are comparing pure damage-potential. Also already mentioned, Assassinate on a strong-target completely re-writes the results, but on the other direction. Make sure you are comparing the same thing.


***** When comparing only DpS, use DpS-only abilities.



2- When deciding on a target, you should make sure both test-subjects are on equal footing. If a champion is immune to CC, as most are, CC-abilities should not be used. Check comment #1 for clarification.


***** Keep test subjects on an equal footing as far as the test-premisses are concerned. Otherwise you get a "doctored/biased" result.



3- When choosing a target, you have to make sure that the subjects have more or less equal "penetration" with their abilities on that particular target, or that all targets behave the same. Case in point: Droids usually have heavy armor, which has DR against direct weapon damage, but not against force-based powers that do elemental or internal damage.


***** If the target has particular weaknesses towards one of the test subjects, but not the other, you get a biased result.

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