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Say no more, once again i play fool to the hackers of speed.

Everytime our side is in a warzone and starts to win! my game goes funny...my computer isn't the best but it handles the game fine.

I noticed that in PvP in SWG or being by people using 'Speedhacks' My game would go all laggy start being funny and noticing other things, but it wasn't straight away. and this is exactly what is happening here!

When these players use speedhacks I notice somtimes players disconnect or their are like lag spikes!... do you know how frustrating this is? (it's not my internet either with a 30mbDL)

another thing the game disconnects ( ONLY in PVP when the game starts going funny. )



I am Quitting today because it's just not fun to PvP with people using speedhacks, it really bugs me, somtimes people don't even know they're being used cuz ppl turn them up slightly and hope to go un noticed.


I'm pretty sure to my knowledge too that sony implemnted a device to detect speedhacks and auto kick. thanks

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