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Need Guardian Enhancment mod help!


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I have a lvl 50 JK Guardian Tank he's gonna be a pve toon not pvp and im an Artificer....SO many choices for enhancment! lol whats the one the most ppl use for lvl 50 tanking im thinking a high def one? If you know the actual name of the enhancment that would be a huge help!
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WIth enhancements there's only 2 types, and their icon reflects which type they are: red is for attack, green is for defense. If you're only doing PvE, i'd go for the Defense, Glance, Shield or Absorb ones. Have a look at these:









Ignore the whole 'Advanced' thing, and the number. It's the name (Bulwark, Bastion etc) that you need to pay attention to. It all depends entirely on which stats you're after, and there are plenty of Enhancements that also have a Surge, Power or Critical rating etc as well. Personally i'd go for the Sturdiness or Bulwark Enhancements.

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