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Hello EA/Bio Ware


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I know there has been some personnel changes with the development team for the game.I also understand that because of this communication between the situation and the players is grey right now,I totally get it.

All of this being said,Im trying to get a better under standing where this game stands on PVP and the direction it is going.

Im asking what is the direction/end goal for pvp in this game?.What are the ideas that are being implemented?

Is any one with TOR communicating with the player base for feed back on what the player base wants?

If so where do I go to ,to be involved with this discussion?

The player base needs feedback almost on a every other day bases at this point.The communication between the player base and the game for the last 6 weeks has been unacceptable when it comes to a product that we have to pay for on a monthly bases.

Im hoping this will change with the new personnel changes in game.

Any response the player base we can get at this point is better then setting in the dark and paying for that.

Also the same old answer people are getting is just running people off or from the game.

So the tact that has been used to address certain issues is unacceptable.

Im not asking for changes over night,I would really like to be part of the game as a player not a tool or a number to the games system.

Thank you for any information in advanced that is going to be helpful.

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I am just teasing you, no worries.


My response was because they are not going to respond to your post. At least they haven't yet, to the 100s of other posts with similar requests.


I need to take a trip to the loo.

(I said it that way because of your spelling of "advise")

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Yea thanks for the advise for which it does not help at all.


You'll get used to it.


And it's understanding.... but that's neither here nor there. ;)


While it is an unintended benefit, we are bumping your post. So, it's not entirely unhelpful. :D

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Here are some typos you made in your post:


1. Bioware

2. overnight

3. advance



This concludes ALL of the helpful information you will get re: this post.


Thank you, and have a great day.


Technically, it's BioWare (OP was wrong, but so are you) :D

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And that's why I made the post.


The reason why you are getting snarky answers is that you are creating a thread to ask questions that remain unanswered in other existing threads. This makes people think that you regard yourself to be a 'special snowflake'.

The question was not answered in the existing threads and it will not be answered in yours because at the moment they are not in a position to answer it for <insert reason here>.


So your thread is in effect 'spam' and is treated as that, plus as English is clearly not your first language and you are perceived as being in the wrong in the first place it is very easy to take the piss out of you.

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Snow flake or not,some of us have lives an cannot spend hours looking through threads to get answers.

I understand in forums we have trolls an people who have all day to surf them.

If they are not answering the questions to this subject then that s really what I needed to know.

Frankly I'm disappointed as I'm sure a lot of you are as well with the current state of the game,I have the patients to wait to see what comes out.I'm just looking for answers.

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hi there! i don't know why you need to ask this! our end-game is quite apparent! it involves standing around on fleet, queuing for warzones, waiting for your guild to start a raid, or begging in general chat for a group.


i hope this helps! have a nice day!

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Greetings Everyone,


Thanks for taking the time to voice your thoughts and concerns regarding the communication between our community team and the playerbase. We'd like to bring your attention to the following threads in regards to communication with the team.


Community Team General Update: May 31st, 2012


What is happening to this game? Community mismanagement.


For discussion on topics regarding PvP, please visit our PvP forums to join threads or create new threads for discussion.

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