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This game is not worth playing anymore


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I wanted this game to work for me because I like Star Wars, and there were some features I enjoyed. I've been playing for about 2 weeks now, and I've seen enough to decide I will not renew my subscription after the 30 days that came with purchasing the game. My reason is because of BUGS.


I know most MMOs do have bugs, but another important criterion I judge the future of an MMO is HOW FAST these bugs get corrected. In the two weeks I have been playing, there have been 4 updates. I have reported about 5 bugs already, not one were fixed.


There's the bug where the mail icon is always green when I log onto the game, only to find out a bunch of "closed" tickets were somehow flagged green again. Is it that hard to fix that bug??


After only two weeks of playing, I've been stuck in the game more than 20 total times now, most especially getting one of the datacrons in Coruscant at the Black Sun territory where one has to hop over a sign. There is a small depressed area which one can easily fall into and get stuck. The first time I typed /stuck, I was killed and offered only one option to go to the Med Center. Oddly, the following times I typed /stuck teleported me to a rail above one of the pipes instead. When I recall which MMO games I've played recently (e.g. WoW and Rift), I've been stuck in WoW only twice after years of playing, and never in Rift. And Rift fixes bugs so quick players don't really get a chance to gripe for long, at least not over the same bugs.


Then there is no Dungeon Finder. When WoW implemented a Dungeon Finder, Rift followed suit very quickly and did a wonderful job. Then this game, one with a big name, fails to follow suit?? I am playing a healer, and I'm level 25 now, and I've only healed in a party TWICE, and one of them is a duo. There just aren't that many people looking for groups, and if I do find one, we're all so far apart and so far from the heroic instance, it took forever for people to play together.


I'm so disappointed. It's not like George Lucas is some pauper, he should've financed this project to hire enough manpower to implement the MMO features known in the status quo. And the bugs? It doesn't seem like they have enough developers fixing them because they're simply not getting fixed fast enough.


Such a disappointment ... adios, I'm going to play Guild Wars 2, and I'm out of here. Good luck to you all.

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Agreed here. its just huge disappointment. Im already setting myself up for Elder Scroll Online.


Setting yourself up for a fail so soon? Have you actually looked into that? Please look harder as it's not going to be Elder Scrolls at all - It's going to be generic-money-grab-mmo-number-x-based-on-a-decent-brand.


Come back to me next year and tell me I was wrong.


Oh and OP, those issues seem quite petty to me but to each their own. GW2 is just as "buggy".

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GW2 is just as "buggy".


Not just that, the PvE is horribly boring (and I'm skipping nearly every piece of dialog in TOR).


The tasks are a horrible "run around and kill 7 pixies" quests, the PvP felt awkward and not to mention that it looks like a lolypop game.

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Greetings everyone!


We always appreciate when someone takes the time to give their feedback and concerns regarding Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. We are closing this thread as there is little room for constructive discussion.


If you have a specific suggestion or individual piece of feedback, we encourage you to post in the Suggestion Box forum or to make a thread regarding your issue in the relevant sub-forum.


We have a few sources of information for you in regards to our Group Finder feature which is coming in Game Update 1.3!


From our Community Q + A Blog for April 27th, 2012:


Lovarboy: Will we get dual spec with Game Update 1.3?


Daniel: Unfortunately, no. Game Update 1.3 is being kept a bit leaner to get the Group Finder and the next stage of Legacy in the game as fast as possible. After that we’ll be returning to some bigger updates and we’re hoping dual spec makes it for the next one.


From our latest Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Podcast Episode I, you can find the following information:




Eric: Speaking of systems that we are going to be able to iterate on, why don’t we talk a little about 1.3? 1.3 is our next content patch that is coming out, why don’t you guys talk a little bit about what players can expect to see in 1.3?


Damion: 1.3 is, well, it is the group finder patch. That’s not the official name, but really that is our top priority. We have some other features that we are going to go and put inside of it but really this is us really getting a group finder to you guys as fast as humanly possible.


Brooks: I am super excited about group finder because that is one of the biggest things that I have run into in lower game is finding groups and actually being able to run those flashpoints that I get. For players who have maybe never used a group finder before, and I know we have plenty of those, what is that actually going to look like in the game?


Damion: It is fairly simple and basically what we want to do is to give you a really simple front end that you can use as well as those give you the ability to fine tune your choices a little more so the really simple approach is you open a group finder you choose what role - tank, heal or DPS - that you are willing to fulfill and you can choose multiple if your class can fill multiple and then you choose what kind of content that you want to do and that content is going to be flashpoints, heroic flashpoints, operations although story mode operations only for now and then world content, the planetary content where you basically say I want a quest on Belsavis.


Then if you hit select from there, then it will try to find people who want to do that stuff. Now if there is a particular dungeon or particular planet that you want to do by default what it does it gets you to the level of appropriate flashpoints for you. If you really want to the quest in the Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint for example you can go and unselect everything else and just say, "Hey, I just want to sign up for that." And the group finder will try to find other people who are looking for that content as well so that is a great way for you to target certain quests that you want to accomplish. We felt that was important in our game because of where the game is right now where people are trying to clear out their quest logs and accomplish certain goals in certain places.


If you would like to discuss the Group Finder feature, we ask that you do so in this thread:


Patch 1.3 Dungeon Finder


If you would like to discuss our latest podcast, you can do so in this thread:


Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Podcast Episode I


Also regarding the specific bug that was mentioned, we wanted to give you more information from our Known In-Game Issues by Live Community Coordinator, Amber Green:


Hello everyone! We appreciate you joining us to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and we hope you enjoy the game. As MMORPGs are large and complex projects, inevitably we do discover issues that may affect gameplay. We're working constantly to fix anything that will affect the player experience, but for now this is our current list of high priority in-game known issues.


UPDATED: May 11th, 2012

  • After being contacted by a Customer Support Representative, the contact notification can persist when no further contact is requested.


We have several tools available to help everyone track the latest updates from our development team. The first is our Developer Tracker, which lists the latest posts from developers, as well as our Community Managers and Coordinators.


Secondly, our new Community Blog hosts news, maintenance reminders, and in-depth posts from developers as well.


We hope this helps and wish you the best!

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