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East PvP severs with large scale Guild war


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Which east pvp servers have competitive PvP guilds on either side that were set as enemies pre-launch (or have started hating on each other since)


- I don't mean a 2 person guild on a server who don't like another 2 person guild on the imperials

- I mean large good PvP guilds going at it


I want reason to fight and really get into it


Make a new thread if you wanna do this for west


What to post:

- Server name

- Guilds involved

- background on those guilds (if possible)

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Check out Prophecy of the Five.


We have +100 Experienced, World PvP builders joining that server.




There is a very old example of our SWG days. You will notice, AT-AT walkers and such that we were able to bring in because we petition the devs constantly.


I do not know if it will be the best server. I do however, know that the people that built a lot of epic battles in SWG, Conan, EVE, WoW.


IF you do not really care which server you are going to - why not go where people are known to build massive battles...why take the chance.

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E: Malum Factum (300+ Members)

E: Death's Fist (100+ Members)

E: Sith Commandos (300+ Members)

R: MERC (400+ members)

R: Champion's of the Force (300+ Members)

R: Starship Dental (Number unknown due to site guild member cap reached. Could range from anywhere from 750 to 1500+ Members)


MF, MERC, and CotF have all been around for many years and are extremely organized. Starship Dental is the one and only Goonswarm/Goonsquad from EvE Online.

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