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The Most Common Thing on This Forum


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Hate to say it but crying about nearly everything is the mopst common on the forums this days.

People have cryed everyday since 1.2. They are crying about sent/mara, powerthech, shadow/assasins tanks, expertise, consumable in wz, huttball the list goes on and on and on.

The solution should be that BW nerfed all classes to have the EXACTLY same hp, attack, defense, dps, gear, and that EVERYONE had ONE attack and ONE healing skill that did the EXACT number of damage/healing to other players etc This would help BW to make people understand that this game NEEDS different classes that haves different roles, and that we need consumabels, expertise etc to get better and better and having FUN maxing our charachters. I love to max my sentinel as most as I can:) Seeing that she becomes a crazy web of damage to everything around her is fantastic! A sage healer isn't good in dps. because he/she is a healer. If a sent/mara attack a persopn and you see it. Call for 3-4 guys to attack he/she together. And wolla the sent/mare DIES! That drives the sent/mara to find a way to counter that, and this make a combat that is evolving and alive! And that is another thing I LOVE whit SWTOR. Every update the rules in the game changes. Some attacks that was crap suddenly become very good and visa versa. Well then what do you do? Cry QQ or do you take that chance to find another way to play your class? If you pick the last you will see that every class have so many different uses! I love that this game changes every time I play it. It's a dynamic game not a deadlocked game were for example a warrior's Master strike do 3000 damage and that NEVER changes! No it's is a game were one day the warriors Master strike do 3000 damage one day and after a update is nerfed to 1000 damage, and then you have to find another way to play the warrior class because it can not rely on its Master strike forever! I absolutely LOVE this style of a dynamic game:) Thank you BW for making a game that is chaning, dynamic and FUN to play:) You made my Star Wars game dream come true:):):)

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