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Companion Dance


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You know, Bioware, this is the kind of thing where although it's an insignificant perk, you put it in the game for a reason. And that reason is because you know some of your clients would enjoy it. But, c'mon, why half-arse do it??? To implement it and have it be a 3 second dance makes you wonder why you did it at all. (Don't hiccup or sneeze because you'll miss it.)


Did you do this just to tease us? Why 3 seconds? How about just one second, then, if that's your goal since you've made it pathetic. In my opinion for something like this, any time duration less than 10 seconds, and you can't really appreciate it for what it is.


Instead of it being something that I thought was gonna be cool... it was just a waste and a disappointment. :(

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