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Diminishing Returns and overall easily maxed out builds


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The current Stat diminishing returns that we have for game stats, like surge, alacrity, accuracy and other allow for quite simple maxed out standard builds.


I don't know if this was intended originally by Bioware but it oversimplifies any sort of character build stat adjustment. The stat distribution becomes so simple that it leaves no room for diversity within a specific class with a specific skill spec, sometimes even leaving no room for diversity between ALL skill trees.


Lets take the sniper/gunslinger: What's the overall consensus?

Get crit chance to 30% (unbuffed), Surge (crit multiplier) to 70%, accuracy (if not lethality) to 98 % (some say 100%) . Anything above these numbers is lost to increased diminishing returns which reduces the total amount of power stat you can put into your build.


See what i did there? Diminishing returns deny us of any sort of variety. May be i want to achieve the same DPS with higher damage-per-shot variance by putting more into surge, sorry you cannot do that right now because you are hard capped at 75%..


Why i think this is bad: The game becomes a simple solvable math equation. You can try different 31 pts specs, hybrid specs, may be different rotations, but in the end, you start feeling constrained by the game rules quite fast.

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