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Stop the unequal queues in PVP!


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It happens again and again:


I queue to WZ. After some time, when I finally enter, I find out that our team has 5 or max 6 players and opposite team STARTS with 7 or even 8!


Of course, they take objective by mere numbers!


Then, all for sudden, 2 players of our side appears!


Result? Oh well - you can guess! It is MUCH more difficult to take initiative once it was lost!


Can you fix it? Like - WZ cannot start until there is EQUAL number of players? And if one comes from one side, other must come from other side?


Is that SO difficult to include in programs? Making minigames where my robot will wash windows with dramatic music is very beautiful, I am VERY certain you will gain people join your game and not going for, say, DIABLO III, GUILD WARS 2, or SECRET WORLD - but I kinda have a feeling people gets on their nerves MORE situations like I described.


Thanks, devs!

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