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Reusable PvP consumables?


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For the first time today I saw a loading tip briefly that said something to the extent of


"High level valor boxes can contain marks, consumables, commendations and a rare chance at reusable combat usables!"


So I had never heard of this before, so I went looking on torhead, and the only thing I could find are these items:














Has anyone ever seen these, or heard of anything like this?

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I saw these and thought they were fake, but there is a loading screen that suggests otherwise. Can we get an official BW response on this please?


Thank you!


I think the general consensus is it's one of those fun old beta things that were eventually removed. In the current state of PvP those would be a bit extreme, however it would be nice to have lesser versions, or things similar to biochem, that are reusable by all.

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