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  1. I'm only talking the specific case of being stuck behind a full respawn door as people sprint across bridges and cap, while you're entire team is dead from being AT bridges. Thats not a fun mechanic at all.
  2. 1.Cross-server que (plenty of threads about this, no explanation needed) 2.Solo-ranked que (When #1 is completed, obviously) 3.When bridges are opened in voidstar, have the defending doors instantly open – it is not an enjoyable mechanic to be stuck waiting to respawn as players speed across and cap the 2nd doors while you are left hopelessly waiting. 4.(Any of the following): 4a.Change Sorc/Sage’s talents of Sith Efficacy/Psychic Barrier to give back 2/2.5% force back or to prevent too much efficiency of hybridization, read 4b. 4b. Attach a ~.5% force back to Psychic Absorption/Devour instead. This will allow the Sorc and Sage DPS to actually moderately sustain in extended combat (most notably in Void Star, where they hurt the most) 4c.Roll into Psychic Absorption/Devour that when any of the Sorc/Sage’s dots are cleansed off, the sorc/sage gets back 35/70% of their force back. [*]5.Give “Sap” mechanics a debuff icon. – There really isn’t an excuse why this doesn’t already exist. [*]6.( Any of the three below: ) 6a.Reduce blinds, whirlwind/forcelift, sap mechanics, and intimidating roar crowd (and similar) controls by 2 seconds. 6b.Or chance the resolve mechanic on these to give X amount of resolve upon cast, and y more resolve every second the player is actually crowd controlled. 6c.Or make it impossible to double-blind (or similar) players. There is nothing enjoyable about being crowd controlled for 12 seconds, it is an efficient mechanic, and it promotes well-skilled/oriented play, but its’ not enjoyable for the other player, and most definitely not enjoyable when it happens to you. [*]7.(Read these two as if they were one suggestion): 7a.Change the middle speeders to a different color, and make them land 3-5 seconds faster than the side speeders 7b.Change the side speeders to either land behind the expertise buff, or near the health powerup, increase their travel speed to a point where it looks appropriate, most likely 2-4 seconds. [*]8.Give DPS Mercs/Commando’s a talent near the top of their dps trees as an interrupt. Yes it’s a controversial change, but they really should have one, make its range between 15-25 yards, lower than the other ranged interrupts, with a 12 second cooldown as well. [*]9.Single map que, for when cross que comes out. [*]10.When round 2 starts in voidstar, have all players have their “mana” bar full/empty, depending on class. For example Sage/Assassin would have full force, Commando would have full ammo, and Juggernaughts would have 0 rage. Also debuffs should cleanse off (excluding nightmare pilgrim and similar), and resolve should reset to 0. TL;DR: Just some good changes for pvp. Thoughts?
  3. Fatman is now too populated, it has a classification of FULL right now. I would like to see free transfers off fatman to the other top ten servers, and the bottom 25-50 free transfers to the top 5-15.
  4. I can share the pain, when I play my Sorc in voidstar I'll NEVER sit on a door. Roaming in the mid checking both doors, ccing incoming players and dotting targets keeps me highly mobile and never capable of getting defender points (outside of stopping caps)
  5. Have crew skill white items for purchase? Doesn't this seem like a good simple thing for a repair astromech to carry?!
  6. Force in balance/Death Field Do not crit for 5k in under any normal circumstance. They hit for 4k with exp+relics on undergeared people. If you hit for 5k you must have had bloodthirst.
  7. Delayed damage is not dot-based.
  8. S__T

    Marks in a warzone

    I personally use this: Healer 1: Green lightsaber Healer 2: Blue Shield Healer 3/Target Priority #3: Blaster/Fire The first two stand out really well in all the warzones (blue can be tough in snow-areas on alderaan but otherwise) The 5th-8th markers I usually use for my own premades in voidstar. (So we can easily flip our camera to see if a mark exists on a side or not)
  9. The majority of flashpoints exist on the fleet/another ship on the fleet. The only two I know of that aren't are on ilum, right below where you get off of on your ship. Unless you mean heroic missions, then I could see the usefulness of that.
  10. I'm personally a fan of "grass" and "snow" impossible to confuse, even if you are directionally challenged. The guide should cover terrain manipulation, liking hoping the side of the middle building to shortcut your way in. The guide should also cover the "lesser known" way of attacking, like going the long way around to come-behind middle, or going the long way underneath middle to attack the opposing side. The guide should also cover proper use of crowd control when defending, things like blind/concussion/whirlwind that are VERY effective at stopping caps for reinforcements. Otherwise I really like your guide. I hope many people read it and understand a bit of the strategy.
  11. As one of the best Sorcs on my server I can point out a few problems with that first fight in question: 1.He went into a node 3v1. That they owned. This, under normal circumstances and against equally skilled (much less equally geared) is a waste of time in every practicality. 2.That sith juggernaught, if he knew any idea how to play would easily screw that sorc over very badly, the sorc was hiding behind the hut, at any point (especially when the powertech pulls him) he could have force-pushed him off that ledge, ruining that sorc's day, and putting him out of the picture for a good 15 seconds. 3.The third guy left the node at some point during him hiding, which made this fight a 2v1. A silly risk initially anyway. 4.The two vs one, if the powertech and juggernaught had both STAYED ON HIM, (right after the jugg gets shield-blinded, knock-backed into root into whirlwind) they could have shut him down and killed him. Hes lightning, a very immobile spec. 5.Hes clearly in battlemaster/war hero gear, they were both in recruit and a little battlemaster (check their hp pools) 6.He didn't do any kiting except in the beginning and against the jugg. The jugg played terribly, but that powertech was basically being stupid running away from the sorc over, and over, again. That isn't kiting so much as the powertech thought he was a pillar kiting healer. 7.On numerous occasions the jugg and powertech don't even use their attacks.
  12. Just make bolster gives 1000 expertise and stats equal to a level 52 (centurion gear/recruit), instead of 49. I just don't want to see the low-pop servers that enjoy pvp quit entirely due to not seeing ques for more than an hour/all day.
  13. If you guys are on a low pop server and don't see a SINGLE QUE FOR DAYS, wouldn't you be pissed? I'm just saying.
  14. Because this functionality exists. They would just need to disable the separation/roll back to the old way. I'm not saying what you suggested is bad; in fact I want that just as much. We just need something *now* until that can be achieved. Yes, I know exactly how bad it would be, but no que pop is not better than a mixed-bag que.
  15. If que timer > 30 minutes, merge the two brackets. Low-pop servers need this desperately.
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