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[guide] 1.2 viable pvp builds dps


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translated alrdy, this is what i currently am (this spec has great survivabilty, dmg, burst, and decent off healing. still heavily relies on skill)


this is what i am going to be in 1.2: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#201ZccMMbZfMfRs0krs.1

the 2 skill points in dmg reduction can of course be moved to another spot in madness tree

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I agree, even those of us who arent exactly new have been thrown a curve... This isn't WOW where we can just pick up somewhere and go on, they wiped out ALL of my points - and some are saying that only those points that didn't fit the trees were refunded...


Talk about confusing.


Builds and rotations needed!


I am PVP heavy with questing second - I do no PvE :)

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