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How do i edit a Securiti Question,so i can answer right


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Hello there


Right now are i in a another city, and i get this Question about somrthing, but i can don't remind the Answer i have wrote, i have the answer the home in my home city

And i can't come into my ancount to edit the Answer


So How do i edit my Sercurity Question Answer

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It is a catch 22. You need to know your answer before you can change them. But to answer your question, click on the my account button up at the top. Once you log in, on the right hand side there will be several options. The 5th one down is the one you want. But again if you cannot answer your security questions, you cannot change them.


Or this


Call the support.

If there is no free number for your country, use skype and the US support number.

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