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jedi sent Combat tree as a tanking tree


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With the upcoming buffs for Watchman spec for us I got thinking if shadows can tank we should be able to as well with combat and ataru.



When you really think about it we have 2 light sabers, and are supposed to be one of the most agile of Jedi. Since the combat tree is one of worst off trees just kill it as a dps tree and convert most of the skills into a tanking based skills, based on light saber parry's and dodges.


the big skills that could be changed would be


- precision slash: make it baseline, and similar to sundering strike

- add a taunt

- combat trance would increase defenses, and become a passive ability

- ataru form, would skill increase your accuracy, dodge and parry, and would NOT grant an extra attack anymore.

- blade rush would say the same, and be the ONLY ability that grant an extra attack, it would also maintain precision slash's armor reduction

- riposte would become like the guardians in tank spec (increase def)

- make a unique centering ability, that increases dodge/parry/deflection for a short amount of time for tanking for us, and put it in the precision slash spot in the talent trees


it would make the class more versatile game play wise and all Jedi would be able to tank because it makes NO sense to have 3 dps trees 1 good one(watchman), one crap one (combat) and one pvp one(focus), since everyone is most likely to be going watchman when the buffs come out for raiding etc (i abandoned the combat tree for watchman and never looked back since).


So there isn't really a reason to even bother keeping combat as a dps tree, and i'm sure there are a few sentinels as well as myself who would enjoy being able to tank and not be just plain dps like we currently are.

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