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Promote the dev responsible for the UI cooldown changes


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Promote him. Or demote him. Or sideways shift him onto some other project. He clearly has OCD and would be much more effectively tasked working on myriad other projects than constantly tweaking a system which, while by no means perfect, has worked since the start.


This is the second major change to the way cooldowns work when, frankly, there are many other things he could be doing that would be of more benefit. Yes, I know different dev teams are tasked with different responsibilities, but I have to question why anyone was even devoting any time to this when there were so many other things they could've been doing.


The same goes for the drag'n'drop changes. Why was anyone even looking into coding adjustments in this area? The original system was clumsy, sure, but the new system is no less clumsy but even less intuitive. Any change is going to inconvenience the playerbase as they adjust to the new system, but where is the net gain? Take these OCD devs and put them on projects where the slower devs haven't made any progress.


I'm not objecting to 'change' or 'progress' per se, but I am questioning the prioritisation of these aspects equally or above all the others.


Some examples of potentially trivial changes:

  • On the GTN window, move the 'search' button more than a few pixels away from the 'reset' button.
  • Stop the mission completion window from overriding any other windows you happen to be using.
  • If you crash from a WZ, make sure people don't mysteriously end up on the fleet.
  • If there are multiple Ilum instances, you can't switch to rejoin the instance the operation is in because you're in a PVP area.


I'm sure everyone has their own list, and that many lists will overlap. I'm not saying my list is any more important than anyone else's. But the time spent 'tweaking' the cooldown cosmetics, or 'tweaking' the drag'n'drop inventory mechanism, seems at odds with the much more pressing issues

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Hey, stop it.


Ending up at the fleet when being considered afk in a warzone is the only quick way out of many locations where your toon is stuck with the feet not resting on the ground as fleet pass and /stuck wont help due to them having a cast time that is interrupted by you moving.

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Hi everyone,


Since there are some existing threads discussing these topics, we’ve closed this thread in an effort to consolidate discussion. You can find the existing threads here:


New Ability Bar Cooldown effect


New item drag mechanic


We encourage you to continue your discussion within the threads linked above. If a thread discussing an individual topic does not already exist, please feel free to create one - we recommend doing so in a constructive fashion within the Suggestion Box. Thanks!

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