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Weekly Q&A Thread


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I've just noticed that Bioware have locked the Q&A thread and aren't taking anymore questions. That's fair enough, there were a lot.

What I also noticed was that they'll be answer 10, yes that's right folks, TEN questions. Wait for it.... ... WOW!


You get 171 pages of questions. Pretending that for a second 20% are rubbish/spam, 40% are duplicates, leaving 40%, that's 684 legit questions that have been asked.


From those 684 questions you're going to answer 10 Bioware? That's horrible.


Get a group of people together, that have authority in the business, that know what's coming up, put a disclaimer in that all answers 'may change in the future' and answer 100 questions. Give the community something back, because it has nothing at the moment.


I'll put money down says the questions that will be answered will be ones that you've already touched on anyway, such as the UI, more flashpoints, more operations, more warzones, etc.... and not the important questions that people want answered.


Please reconsider your relationship with the forum community by putting in a bit of effort with these questions.

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Seriously, you see dozens of threads with people complaining about bugs. If they answer a 100 questions guess what those people are going to make threads about? That BW spends all this time answering questions instead of working on bugs.


Do you know how long it takes to write 100 politically correct answers?

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