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Shadow vs Sent


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Hi All,


I have been playing the game since launch, and really cannot decide which class to stick too. I have leveled both 20 and have had fun with both of them! I really love to tank in PvE, so I know that narrows it down to Shadow... but i really love PvP and the aesthetics of dual light sabers and play style of watchman DPS.


So i have a few questions that hopefully allow me to narrow down which class to play as my main to 50. I am more of a PvPer than anything else.. and i love to guard targets and taunt them with the shadow.. but again i love the DPS of the sent.



1) Do shadow's ever get more aestheticly pleasing saber moves? They seem so boring compared to the Sents acrobatic gameplay.



2) Can a shadow DPS as hard as a sent and still survive without all of the Sents defensive cooldowns? It seems like you lose a lot of survivability to get on par with Sents.. but as i said above I'm still relatively low level on both.


3) I love the fact that i can forceleap to someone as a sent, apply my dots, and know that i have a relatively high chance or winning 1v1 if Zen is up. I know that i will have pacify and camo and another force leap very soon if they are trying kite me. I have not really felt that powerful with the shadow.. does our execute ability change that?


4) Who would you fear more in a warzone if one suddently attacks you.. assuming equal gear and skill? Which one are you most likely think "oh crap, this class is focusing me and i need help now" rather than to shrug off as annoying.



5) If you had to pick, which class would you choose and why?


Thank you for your help in advance.

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I picked shadow twice.


I wanted pull, and I wanted guard, I wanted CC, and I wanted permanent stealth, and I don't mind giving up ~15% damage for it.


Shadows get survivability cooldowns: Force Cloak (2m-1m30s in combat perma-stealth), Force Shroud (1m-45s full cleanse and 5s tech-force immune), and deflection 50% defense buff.


Sentinels will flat out out-dps a tank-hybrid shadow (which is the spec you run to get all of the above), and I had no desire to play a full-DPS spec one (too fragile for my play-style), which should compare very closely to the DPS output of sentinel.

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1) Shadow is more of an hybrid class. You do get nice Force Powers, but you don't get saber moves as cool as Sentinels.






2) I play hybrid - tanky in PVP so I can't say if it can compare damage wise, of course it can't with my build, but I usually dish out pretty good damage, it doesn't feel boring or bad, with the added survivability it's pretty fun


3) Gotta love that execute, it just amazing. You have CD's to escape a fight if needed, and many buffs to survive through fights.


4) As a Tanky Shadow I never fear any 1v1 from anyone, I've often won 2v1 also.


5) I'd pick both and that's why I'm getting a Sentinel to 50 also. Shadow's already 50


Regardless, you don't need these answers. You just try out both and see what seems to be more fun :)

I love my shadow's tankiness, and I also love my sentinel (32 atm)'s damage and burst.

I hope I was helpful.

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I may not be 50 yet, but my shadow is 32 and I can give a general impression of leveling.


Soloing as a shadow is possibly the easiest of all the AC's. Reasoning behind this is the fact that as a tank, you can solo heroics (at least 2 mans) with just your healing companion.


Also, stealth is amazing for soloing, as not only has it let me bypass unnecessary mobs, it has also served a very large purpose is open world PvP.


As I've hinted at, I'm a level 32 shadow tank. I also have a 33 gunslinger and 33 trooper, but I love my shadow to high heaven.


Just leaving tatooine at 32 sitting at 7.8k hp. I didn't die at all on tatooine, killed a good 10+ sith solo (not at the same time mind you, most was 2 at once).



Its really just a fun advanced class. Flair-wise we aren't the best, but shadows have their role to play, and the force tells me to expect buffs to the areas we are lacking in.

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If you are to chose between Shadow and Sentinel I'd stick to the Shadow. I'm playing shadow I can't think of any class doing the job better except maybe a Scoundrel(scrapper). I'm in love with Shadows crits and burst.


I've never played a Sentinel so I can't say how it is but i can tell you this, when I'm facing a Sentinel in warzones I'm just playing with most of them. Firstly i can slow them = making their escape nearly impossible, secondly I got a 4 sec stun paired with a 4 sec incapacitate which i can use to refill my force or hp, thirdly if they are overpowering me which they aren't except if I'm at low health in the beginning of the fight... I simply use Force cloak!


Another reason to pick Shadow over Sentinel is Stealth, as someone already mentioned above, it's really usefull when sneaking past mobs during a mission or players in warzones.


Another think i should mention is that I'm NOT tank specced since i found the dmg too low to satisfy my needs :p I'm Infiltration and loving it <3 Lvl 41 atm and rising.


There you have it folks :) My take on Shadow vs Sentinel. Shadow all the way baby!

( Might be because i loved rouges in WoW :p )


If you want to look at my gameplay I got a stream. Will be on today between 13pm - 18pm or so I think. Maybe it will make it easier to pick which character to stick with. :)





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