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Crew Skills Questions


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Where can I get more details about Crew Skills?


I read about them but I'm just confused. It seems like even though you choose a skill you need the others to augment it but you can't get all of them.


So look at this link. This is my sith assasin and she was told to go get some crew skills here: http://beta.xfire.com/users/residentx10/screenshots/121314179


a. see these "(0)"in the image? Are these suggestions by the game based on my pet or is this just a generic locator?


b. I play two characters at a time on each side( 2 JC and 2 SI). On the JC side, I first went to the head crew(sage/shadow) trainer but when I went to skills trainers individually the skills auto attached to my character when I clicked. When I played my other character I skipped the big choice and went straight to the crew trainers and gathered all of the xp then talked to the head crew trainer and went back to select my skills. This was much better for me.


How do I unlearn a skill? I still don't understand how these skills relate to the game. This whole map was overwhelming. I went over to the supplies and there were so many different types I just skipped this area. My question about this are:


1. Are the supply choices based on level or can I mix and match supplies?


Finally, the PVP stuff. I met a contact for PVP but where do I go to do the 2 matches? I had 1 selected at the time but I'm guessing I comeback after my completed first to get the second.

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Thanks...but another question. When I start this how many skills points should I have?

Some of my characters show 1, 2 and I have never seen any with 3.


How do I gain more crew skills? Let me read the link you gave me...

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The way the crew skills works is its intended for you to pick one crafting skill, and then pack a gathering and missions skill to get the resources. In your codex under your journal window it explains whats needed to make the craft skill work. You can pick any crafting you want, its just recommenced that you pick one related to your profession.


As for unlearning skills, you cannot unlearn an advanced class. Crew skills can be unlearned by hitting the X in the crew window (N). You skill tree (K) skills can be unlearned after commitment by talking to skill mentors, which are not listed on the maps but are near the trainers is some planets.


I wouldnt worry about buying pvp gear unless thats all you want to do is pvp. And to do pvp matches there is a little icon near your mini map, just click on that and queue up. Dont worry about buying gear with the exception of mods to drop into your gear until you understand your class a bit more and what stats are needed to make you the best.

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The guide referenced above is/was useful. I hate reading too much online. I'm not getting enough xp so I can't really buy or do anything right now. I got to the flashpoints but I couldn't find anybody to do them with so I had to take the slow shuttles to the next world....then I ran some more. I'm feeling pressure. I feel like my progress is slow.


I see people coming back into the levels well armed and this concerns me.

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