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Stealth Classes Are Really Gimp...


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I've heard a lot of people complaining about IA and Smuggler opening damage but if you can survive it... The class really sucks at sustained damage.


I got jumped by a level 49 OP while playing my 31 Jedi Sage and her opener took me down to 1/4 of my health bar but I popped my shield, Rev and quickly casted my big heal and popped myself back above 50% health in just over a second.


I thought the attacker would give up after the opener didn't kill me but she kept at it... I backed myself against a wall to prevent her from running around me to try to get back shots in and I stood there with her attacking me for almost 3 full minutes of Huttball and she never got me back below 50% health again. Eventually a BH jumped in and it still took the two of them 45 seconds to kill me and that only happened because I ran out of power.


The truth is, aside from that opener... Most stealth classes are really gimp when facing another talented player. I started running when the BH joined in and used LoS to my advantage (jumping around the pillars under the ramps) and that helped me survive longer. Had I actually stood there and done nothing but cast healing spells I woulda been dead in 5 seconds...


Note: Before everyone says healing is too strong... Healing is actually really weak in this game. If a stealth class gets our back we are dead in 2 hits before we can even cast a healing spell. I was smart enough to avoid the powerful attacks and used LoS to my advantage. I also used my SNARE to slow them down so they couldn't stay right beside me. Healing in PvP is almost pointless because DPS is so high that we get "1" heal off and our target is already dead.

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