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Robot Chicken


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Alright guys n' gals,

Just thought i'd mention if you haven't already seen it, Robot chicken have done a load of awesome star wars clips. The funniest thing i've seen.


Majority of it is for Mature audiences only though ^^


Here's a little 1min clip suitable for all ages:


Has anyone seen these before, what'd you think of them? Found anything similar?

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Yeh it came out in 2007 i think... there are 3 robto chicken star wars films out now.. so tons of clips ^^


here's another (shame about the subtitles.. 3mins in is quality)





BTW.. not availble in your country... blame ACTA . .here's another.. but non-funny clip which explains it



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It was good,but I liked the Family Guy one better.Here`s one quote from it:

Lois(leia):You no-good.....Scruffy lookin`....NERFHERDER!

Peter(Han):*punches*You can`t use that word!!!!...Only WE can use that word.

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