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how does stats work? ( aim. cunning, strenght, willpower )


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If you point your mouse at the various stats, it shows what abilities they increase. One of them should increase many more abilities than the others. That's the one you want to work on. Although there does seem to be leeway with companions, which can be odd ducks. Like Kira, who looks like a Consular but her abiilities are mostly melee attacks. So I could see giving her strength instead of willpower.
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With Kira she uses light armor, which I have not seen Str on. Also, she is effectively a Jedi Counsular Shadow which uses Willpower. As for Qyzen, he is a but odd, but Aim is indeed his primary stat, ans will do more good then Str.
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Ok so my friend gave his compaion strenght gear over willpower gear for her kira carsen


and he said just give your Qyzen fess strenght over aim gear, it will do more damage


since qyzen is using melee weapon.


Is that true?


Your friend is wrong. Strength gear is incorrect for BOTH of those companions. You cannot go off of what types of attacks they do, it is about their class. If you look at the companion tab of your character sheet, you can see what is most important for them.


Kira is basically a Jedi Shadow, so she uses Willpower and NOT Strength. Each class has a primary stat that is best for them, regardless of the types of attacks they use. Strength does pretty much nothing for her or a Shadow, and Willpower increases melee attacks for Kira and Jedi Shadows.


Qyzen uses melee attacks, but Aim is actually his primary stat. This is a holdover from early beta when he was a ranged character. His focus was changed, but his primary stat remains Aim and you should gear him for that, NOT strength.

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For every class their primary stat increases all types of damage they do.

Other classes primary stats will only at most increase one type of damage.


As for player classes:


Jedi Knight / Sith warrior

Strength increases both melee and force damage

Willpower increases only force damage


Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor

Willpower increases both melee and force damage

Strength increases only melee damage


Trooper / Bounty Hunter

Aim increase both ranged and tech damage

Cunning increases only tech damage


Smuggler / Imperial Agent

Cunning increase both ranged and tech damage

Aim increases only ranged damage



Companions work same way. Their primary stat increases all types of damage they do


Kira's primary stat is willpower, so giving her anything else is just (i'm sorry to say this) stupid


Qyzen's primary stat is aim.

He uses a combination of melee and tech abilities. Giving him strength would only help his melee attacks, but his primary stat aim increases both types of damage he does.

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And you would know all that I just said, if you would just press C on your keyboard to open your character sheet and then move your mouse over each stat and read what it does for you, and then do the same for companions and then do the same for other classes that you play.


Don't just assume that if a stat gives certain benefit to you it does the same to companions or other classes.

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