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Reengineering purples (Synthweaving)?


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Is there any reason to reengineer purples other than to get some crafting materials back? Can I learn new schematics from reengineering purples?


There is no purpose to reverse engineering purple-quality items, outside the desire to generate/recover crafting materials.

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It depends on what 'tier' the purple is. If your base item was a green, then the purple is the highest it can go. If however, the base item was a blue, then there is a reason to RE the first level of purple, because you can learn a better level from it.


I suggest reading the sticky at the top of the page:



It goes very in depth on the subject.

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Yes there can be a reason to r/e a purple in some professions. The color of the item has little bearing on whether it can be reverse engineered. If you start with a blue schematic and reverse engineer it it will be purple with a prefix of overkill, redoubt, or critical. This does not work in the case of mods. They seem to just be green, blue, purple to my knowledge, however in the case of synthweaving, earpieces, implants, armormech, weapons, focus, shields, etc, it does work with prefixes.


So I have a purple piece with overkill, redoubt or critical. I can reverse engineer that piece to a tier 2 prefix. Please consult the guide stickied in the crew skills section of these forums for information on tier 2 prefixes and what they impart to the item b/c there are 14 or 15 possibilities. In synthweaving a tier 1 purple take 4 epic cloth to make, a tier 2 purple reverse engineered from a tier 1 purple take 8 epic cloth and has an extra stat.


If you start with green it'll go green > blue > purple

If you start with blue it'll go blue > tier 1 purple > tier 2 purple

If you start with purple it'll go purple > tier 1 purple > tier 2 purple

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