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General PvP frustrations since patch 1.1


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I have personally found patch 1.1 to be a frustrating experience. I'm simply highlighting the issues I have with the patch, and how I feel about them.


I do welcome the changes to the bolster mechanic, and I feel that this has helped PvP at level 50 in general. It was a great change.


However, creating the level 50 PvP bracket has had a negative affect. First off, no matter what server you play on, you now have to wait longer for a que to pop at level 50. This is a given. Considering that SW:TOR had the most healthy instanced PvP I have ever experience, I consider this a really bad design change. Keep in mind the change to the bolster mechanic I mentioned above. It is obvious that they couldn't now simply adjust the new bracket and bolster system. If they did then levels 50s would destroy everything. Therefore the relationship between bolstering stats and PvP brackets in SW:TOR is somewhat fragile.


The kick to the teeth with longer waiting times is with population imbalance. I am going to assume that a large amount of servers have a population imbalance at level 50. With the new PvP bracket this therefore forces the majority PvP faction to play huttball on a more regular basis than previously. I know that this is a dead horse for SW:TOR, but there is now a need for a PvP interface which allows you to de-select same faction PvP or even certain warzones.


Furthermore, the new bolster system does little to nothing for new level 50s coming into PvP. Due to the previously large bolster effect you really didn't care who had good gear in PvP... everyone could make a dent, or do something. This is no longer the case. Again, I am grateful for this in a way, because this has really, really, helped certain classes and spec. For new 50s in blue gear however, they are now undesirable.


I would also just like to throw into the mix that the PvP bracket changes have segregated guild groups. I can't just throw together a group with my buddies any more, because 2 of them may only be level 48. This also means that to do any tactical PvP as a guild you must focus on making your group above or below the bracket. If Johnny Jedi wants to join my guilds PvP premade we have to wait until he is 50 to show him the ropes... then he can start working on his purples.


All I will say on Illum is that it didn't need a re-design, just a reason to kill people. It was over kill.


Overall I feel the changes have made players much more dependent on gear and have highlighted the need for additional functions in PvP. I have noticed that those of us who are already geared, and know what they are doing, now easily dominate over newer 50s in PvP. It will be more difficult for these guys to gear up, and they will be less useful to groups until they do. If I were to design the next PvP patch I would help these guys out, make Illum worthwhile or just switch it back, and with the brackets issue... well... I will leave that one to Bioware.


Peace out.

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Yeah, I agree. Their patch was totally messed up. I'm not sure what they did with Bolster, but it doesn't really sway me anyway because I can't even get into a damn match. However, the problem I see currently IS that I can't get into a match to complain about other things such as the Bolster system.


Ilum......Wow.......I love the fact that people are going there now to fight other factions......But wow......Even on my server I don't see anyone unless I stay up past my schedule to play a guild that outnumbers me 7:1. The daily/weekly for Ilum is just pathetic. What was so wrong about the previous one? It took me a while anyway to get it done, but at least it was fun when Jedi were contesting me for territorial gain.


Another problem on Ilum I noticed is that when I kill someone with a buddy of mine, I don't get the credit with it. Anyone else have this problem? I even noticed it a couple times when smacking someone lower than I when it was 1v1.

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