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  1. Hey, like Trixxie, I do appreciate you showing us this. I've missed having it too.
  2. Ugh....shades of Update 1.2 all over again.
  3. It's par for the course dealing with Sorcerers and Consulars. They are the most nerfed class in the game, especially Lightning and it's mirror. I would give them the benefit of doubt here, but based on BioWare's history with this two classes, they nerfed them again. Sorcerers/Consulars Heals, DPS, and DoTs specs are the worse in the game. There must be a executive order from on high to make them so.
  4. This is a new one for me since I returned to play. How does this work exactly for my current established characters? What triggers it and whatnot. Is there a guide on how to get all hot and heavy with your companions again?
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