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  1. Was missing for me too, also checked all available spots and swapped instances Darth Malgus Playing through Steam Playing solo
  2. Logged in for first time after the patch and just hit the reward tier to collect "Emperors Chosen Cowl" for the Emperors Chosen Armor Set Before patch i had 6/7 progress on it with just cowl left to collect, now its reset Checked for the set in collections page and sure enough, 1/7 and just cowl Anyone else? Edit: created a ticket in-game and was reimbursed the missing set items by customer service
  3. Title Please add a way for us to save sets of gear so we can swap it with a click of a button rather than having to individually equip each and every item, and then mouse over it to make sure its correct. Did a quick search and the last time this was suggested was 2015, but i think it's needed now more than ever with the amount of sets we can use. I'm not talking about outfits, but actual sets of gear, tacticals, relics, implants, earpieces ect So yeah i'd really like to see something like an equipment manager/gear set list so we can swap to different setups with a click of a button
  4. Was wondering how much of a bonus these +50 presence amps actually were, so decided to try and test them Don't have any parsing technology so my "method" was very primitive lol, just whacked a training dummie around and tried to spot the difference between wearing no presence amps and wearing one +50 amp Anyway it seems to be roughly 0.5% boost to damage/healing per 50 presence amp, think it's the same for HP So that's around 0.01% Companion Effectiveness per 1 presence, results seemed consistent for both my level 1 and level 50 influence companions, again.. not a really scientific method of measuring it but had some free time so thought what the hell lol So full mods & armourings with 50 presence would total 900 presence and about 9% damage/health/healing boost to companions Edit: Side note, as a influence level 50 companion is a 2500 presence bonus, that's about a 24.5% damage/health/healing increase over a level 1 So each +50 Presence augment adds 1 influence level basically, so with max presence amps you have equivalent to a rank 68 companion Again this is just what i observed from beating down a target dummie for a while, didn't use anything advanced or super accurate like a parsing tool
  5. Fantastic! Don't suppose anyone has a link to this tweet?
  6. Oof, me and my reading.. lol Ty for clarification, even if all this stuff still goes over my smooth brain But from what I can gather, the goal is to essentially keep shield and absorb at equal ratings? except for PT which looks like it requires 1k more shield at all times, have I got that right?
  7. Can you explain what the acronyms mean here? such as M or M/R I'm just a dumbdumb trying to understand what i'm reading lol
  8. I didn't get a single flirt option with lana through the entire onslaught arc Apparently it's not just the end scene that I have missed.
  9. Posted in story forum, but going to post here just incase it's a bug. Onslaught is supposed to Yet this romance scene was missing for my character, despite the fact my character is married to her. Here is the scene: I selected to and was playing my imperial character. So maybe the scene only plays for republic or people that but on the off chance it isn't that, I thought i'd make a bug report Edit: extra info All previous expansion romance scenes with this character were selected and working, this is a fully played through character (not a token boost)
  10. Yeah I just found out via youtube that there is supposed to be Yet despite being married to her I didn't get this scene Wonder if there's any other missing romance scenes for people? Edit: here is the scene for those wondering Maybe it's republic only? if so that's kinda lame
  11. Item Level 270 Relics have more than double the proc stats of a 276 relic.
  12. Title. My 276 relic has a proc value of 993 mastery. Meanwhile my 270 relic which I was replacing, has a proc value of 1992 mastery. Not sure if it's a tooltip bug or these are the actual stat values
  13. Ah damn.. Was so close to finishing the mount achievement but just couldn't get enough time to play due to moving house. Never forgive myself for missing out on it feelsbadman
  14. PTS Finished for good now then, won't be another change to get mount? if so rip
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