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  1. As far as I can tell, depending on class and path you get the following as a Passive without being able to choose anything else: Soresu - Defense Guardian / Immortal Jaggernaut Juyo - Watchman Sentinel / Annihilation Marauder Ataru - Combat Sentinel / Carnage Marauder Shii-Cho - Focus Guardian / Rage Juggernaut, Concentration Sentinel / Fury Marauder Shien - Vigilance Guardian / Vengeance Jauggernaut. Edit: I'll have to wait before I can get in game and 100% confirm these. There's very little up to date information out there at the moment.
  2. I started a new character recently and have found that just doing the story arcs and H2 missions and I'm very quickly outlevelling the planets. You get your level effectively reduced for an area but I still find I'm levelling quickly. I'm just leaving Coruscant and I'm level 32 as a Jedi Sentinel. Admittedly I used one Minor XP booster and had a week resting in a cantina so rested XP also boosted things. I also completed the first 8 space missions. Unless things change drastically at higher levels I would expect you could easily get max level just running through the story arcs and doing H2 missions. I guess if things slow down you could save the various XP boosters for higher levels.
  3. Ok, thanks all. I've got my crew out gathering the mats. Things have changed considerably in this game since I played last. Tanks eartharioch, that is good to know about the skill levels . I was actually after Yellow but it looks like I'll have to wait a little while. Although not too long.
  4. No Archive folder as it's a new character. If there are no basic colour crystal recipes where the heck do you get colour crystals from now? Why do crystal fragments appear in crystal harvesting?
  5. I've been away for a while but from what I've been able to find Artificers still should be able to make colour crystals. I've been to the trainer and they don't offer basic colour crystal recipes. All they have are purple Enhanced colour crystals. Is there a special way to get basic colour crystal recipes now? Do I have to keep sending crew out to get crystals and hope that I get Wind Crystals turn up so I can craft the purple items? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. It's obvious that it's not exactly a critical patch. Why the heck couldn't it wait until next scheduled maintenance? I guess this is why we are getting incentives like 30 days free. If it wasn't for things like that I'd be gone. So far in the last 2 weeks every day I actually get a bit of time to have a good session they bring the servers down for some sort of maintenance. I can't even play ME3 while I wait because of the crap stability of the EA servers and constantly getting disconnected, from the EA servers and not the host. I guess I'll just play a bit of Hellgate: London with the SP Revival mod.
  7. I'm guessing another reason they don't do each region individually is to prevent mass temporary migrations to the regions that are still active. Although that's one of the things I liked about SWG when I played it, while the NA servers were down the European servers were still active and vice versa. I'm more frustrated by the fact that in the very week that I come back, two thirds of it so far has been down for maintenance. I'm sure that there's someone at Bioware monitoring my account now. I can imagine them saying, "Quick! He's back, bring down the servers for unscheduled maintenance." So I guess my frustration is more born from bad luck than anything else.
  8. Well unlike you, as by those times you are able to play 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I only have a small window of access. A more realistic time frame would be 8 hours a day and the servers have been down 11hours this week in that time frame so by the end of this evening, assuming that they don't come down again that'll be ~80% ( or 71% of my actual access time as 16 hours is lost.) up time for the week. Heck I'd be happy if I was locked into a 5pm to 10pm window of access if it meant that I was guaranteed access between those times.
  9. So I have to be up at 2am to get access? Recently this game has been down 66% of the time I've had access to it. Once again, if it had been at a reasonable time it would have little impact. Both patches have been from 5pm to 11pm or 9pm respectively. I've had access again for the last 3 days, two of those days it's been down. Prior to leaving it was down 4days in a row. I'm happy to miss out for some scheduled and unscheduled maintenance but this is truly getting ridiculous.
  10. Are you serious? So you're saying that if you pay for a service as an ongoing subscription then you aren't entitled to that service? I AM entitled to that service and feel entitled to that service because I'm paying an ongoing fee for them to maintain and expand on what exists with the view of still actually being able to use it without constant interruptions, that's the whole point of the subscription. If it was a free DLC, a free to play game or something like that then it'd be completely different.
  11. I wouldn't really give a toss how often they did maintenance if they did it inline with each server's local time, ie. NA server on NA times, Europe times for Europe and Asia Pacific times for Asia Pacific. But it just so happens they only ever do it during NA early morning which is my prime time so that's a whole day gone yet it's practically transparent for NA players. It's just getting very frustrating with these constant interruptions. I unsubscribed for a while with this being one of the factors, heck in January there was a stint of 4 days in a friggen row where the servers were down during our prime time but I couldn't complain too much because the game hadn't been officially released here in Australia but now that it has it's perfectly reasonable to expect to be able to utilise the software like any and every other user.
  12. I bought the 5K bag slot and didn't spend a credit more except on skills and @ lvl 25 I had just over 50k. I'm now @ lvl 41 JK Sent and I have just over 100K, still not even remotely close to the 210K required. I've spent a bit on crew skills but not a great deal but have bought up to the 20K bag slot. I have no idea how ppl are making so much money as the GTN doesn't make anything, grinding doesn't make much and quest make very little also.
  13. I think it's a prerequisite for MMO design. Everquest had snakes that could kick....
  14. Yeah, I have a few questions about the transfer that aren't covered in the FAQ. 1) As above about legacy levels. 2) Is it just the one character or is it a server full of characters? 3) Are all items carried over from the characters personal hold and what they are wearing? (More of a confirmation) I'm not creating any Asia-Pacific characters at the moment due to the uncertainty of what's exactly happening with the transfers.
  15. You do realise Australasia (New Zealand and Australia, look it up) is in the Pacific? Yes, Asia is a different continent but the Asia Pacific region includes Australasia.
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